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  • Physical Appearance of the Labrador: Well Balanced and Strong Dog

    A strongly built and medium sized animal is the Labrador which also possesses a sound and athletic body that is well balanced which makes it possible for it to function as a retriever that is sometimes referred to as a ‘gun dog’. The Labrador can hunt waterfowl or even upland game for considerable periods of time in difficult conditions and its character and quality are great weapons in the show ring while it also makes for a wonderful pet dog. The physical appearance of the Labrador as well as its characteristics combine to make an efficient retriever of game and it has a stable temperament that makes it ideally suited for more than just hunting.

    A Short, Dense and Weather Proof Coat

    One may say that its most distinguishing physical appearance characteristic of the Labrador is its short as well as dense and weather proof coat along with an ‘otter’ tail and a clean-cut head having a skull that is broad back and a moderate stop. The Labrador is blessed with strong jaws and has a kind look in its eyes that expresses character as well as intelligence and a good temperament. The main plus point of the Labrador is its well balanced body that allows it to move in the show ring as well as excel in the field which should not require much effort on its part. Usually, a Labrador exemplifies style and quality that may supersede refinement and has substance without being cumbersome or cloddy.

    The purpose of breeding a Labrador is to use it as a working gun dog and so, it should have sound structure that is very important to it. At the withers, the male Labrador would measure 22 ½ inches to 24 ½ inches and the female would be an inch shorter. More variance in size above or below this one inch difference would disqualify the dog and an average Labrador male would weigh 65 to 80 pounds while a female would weigh between 55 and 70 pounds. It has short-coupled proportion and the length from the shoulder to the rump is more or less that of the distance from the withers to the ground.

    The physical appearance of the Labrador’s skull should be broad and be well developed without much exaggeration and the skull and foreface ought to be on parallel planes and almost equal in length. The nose should also be wide and its teeth need to be sharp and strong and regular while the ears ought to hang slightly close to the head and its eyes are kindly. The neck needs to be a good length so that the Labrador is able to retrieve easily and it should be muscled as well free from throatiness. The body of the Labrador should be short-coupled and have good spring of ribs that are tapered to a slightly wide chest. The tail should not have feathering and should clothe thickly around the short and dense coat of the Labrador.

    The physical appearance of the Labrador’s forequarters should be muscled and have good coordination as well as be balanced with the hindquarters which should be broad and muscled as well as well-developed from hip to hock and should have well-turned stifles as well as strong short hocks. The distinctive physical feature of the Labrador is its coat which should be short as well as straight and very thick so that it gives a hard feeling when felt by the hand. Labradors come in black, yellow and chocolate colors and their movement should be free of oddities as well as be effortless. If the physical appearance of the Labrador is something appealing to a prospective owner, he should now learn all about the personality of the Labrador.

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    Labrador Picture

    Labrador Picture

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