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    What THE BC-200 Can Do For You


    When you arrive home from work, you're usually very tired and posibly irritated. As soon as you walk in, your dog is there to greet you with a friendly slurp. The catch is, the excitement can often cause it to start barking without stopping. Has this ever happened to you? It might be frustrating trying to train your dog not to bark so much when he's just being happy to see you; in these cases, the BC 200 automatic no bark collar is a good solution.

    Training With Love

    For those of us who have dogs, we consider ourselves truly blessed, because of the warmth, friendship, and loyalty emanating from them. However, that doesn't mean that they don't have some inconveniences, such as barking at times when we need peace and quiet. Sometimes you can't even tell why your dog is barking. If this is your case, then the BC200 collar is just what you need.

    Innotek's BC-200

    The BC-200 follows the sucess of its predecessors by adding new feautures while retaining popular features from past models. Innotek's automatic rechargeable no bark collar still gets the job done in a manner that is PetSafe Approved. Itís still comfortable, durable, and convenient to use, due to the fact that there are no remote controls or external settings to configure. Your pet can wear the collar pretty much anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and in any weather, since the collar is resistant to water. Even in bad weather, the collar will only work when your dog barks. Using modern technology, this collar has been designed in a smaller size than previous models, making it easier to wear. Only now, your dog can really have the collar on for longer, because the BC-200 uses a rechargeable NiMH battery. However, the best thing about the collar is that it really works.

    In short, the BC-200 is a well-tested anti-bark collar. Professionals accept it as a humane way to keep your dog quiet when needed. Just try it and you'll see fast results soon.

    Innotek's BC-200 is one of the company's most popular products. It is light and resistant to water and bad weather. Innotek's automatic rechargeable no bark collar is available in any pet store.

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