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    Selecting From Several Bark Control Dog Collars


    If you have a dog that barks more than what you or your neighbors can take, then you should consider getting a bark control collar. Selecting the collar that's best for your dog will depend on your dog's situation.

    Why Do Dogs Bark So Much?

    First of all, find out the reason why your dog barks that much. Some dogs bark out of fear, aggression, or loneliness. If your dog is barking because of one of these, then the bark control collar isn’t the answer. These situations have to be handled appropriately according to the case. But if your dog barks because it's just bored or as a bad habit, then a bark control collar can help you correct its behavior.

    Choosing an Appropriate Bark Control Collar

    If you’ve decided to use a bark control collar, you have three basic choices of method of deterrent. And there are even some bark control collars that belong to more than one category.

    The citronella collar emits a strong citronella (citrus) smell when the dog barks. Dogs really dislike this smell, and they will stop barking in order to avoid releasing the smell. Some of these collars will hiss before releasing the smell, so that dogs can learn to avoid the smell.

    There are also some collars that will give small socks to the dog's neck whenever it barks. The shock is harmless and not painful, just like the one you get when you handle fabric, but it is enough for the dog to stop barking. In addition, these collars usually turn off by themselves after some time in order to avoid unnecessary stress.

    Then, there is the sonic collar, which emits a high pitched sound that humans can't hear but dogs can. This sound is activated whenever the dog barks, so as to make the dog stop barking.

    One of the biggest benefits of a bark control collar is that the dog will be being trained all the time, not just when the owners are around. It's specially useful if you are away at work or asleep at night.

    If your dog is barking from fear, aggression, or loneliness, there are ways to train them out of barking so much. bark control dog collars should be used only on dogs that bark as a bad habit. They work using citronella spray, sonic or ultrasonic sounds, or electronic static pulse.

    bark control collars help you reduce excessive barking, specially at night. Just make sure that your dog isn't barking because it's sick or hungry. But when the dog is just misbehaving, then bark control dog collars can be the solution.

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