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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Reduce Your Dog's Barking With The PBC00-11005

    Reduce Your Dog's Barking With The PBC00-11005


    If you've been trying without sucess to train your dog in order to make it stop barking to guests that visit you or at night when people are sleeping, and are reluctant to make it wear an electrical shock collar, the PBC00-11005 is the solution you need. Designed using the innovative nano-technology and state-of-the-art perfect bark detection mechanism, this light weighted, small-sized deluxe spray bark collar sprays an all-natural lemon scent on sensing the vibration and sound of the dog's bark. The spray is lemon scented, and it will surprise your dog, distracting it from barking. With time, it helps him understand that his bark induces the spout of the spray thereby proving to be effective in controlling the dog's bark!.

    This lemon scented spray is very effective, while at the same time being perfectly safe for your dog. It is resistant to water and equipped with a QuickFit buckle for protection; it also can be fitted of dogs' necks of any size up to 28". The PBC00-11005 also comes with a small booklet that will teach you how to operate and take care of the collar, as well as how to use it to train your dog effectively. Additional feature offerings that come with PBC00-11005 collar include a low battery indicator, limited lifetime warranty and a low spray level blinker.

    When using the PBC00-11005 make sure that the collar is loose enough to make it comfortable, but tight enough that it won't slip off. Use the collar only when his bark is annoying and ensure that you donít use it continuously for more than 8-12 hours within a 24 hour timeframe.

    Niceties of the deluxe spray bark collar.

    The spray used by the collar is perfectly safe. It won't make your dog sick. Because it's very light weight and can be adjusted to almost any size of dog's neck, it's a very flexible collar. Being water proof, PBC00-11005 collars are long lasting and durable. It also lets you know when you need to refill the spray liquid.

    The PBC00-11005 is very useful for training your dog not to bark to your guests. Just remember not to use it more than 10 hours a day. The deluxe spray bark collar will also tell you when it's low on battery or spray liquid.

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    Labrador Picture

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