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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Eliminating Extreme Barking With The PBC00-11047

    Eliminating Extreme Barking With The PBC00-11047


    An excessively barking dog can be truly annoying, if not intolerable, to people resident in a neighborhood, and to the canine owner itself. While it’s true that a barking dog can effectively ward off unwelcome strangers, it’s also true that it can be intimidating to a person who may not know the dog. After all, it's hard to remember the famous proverb about barking dogs when you have a big barking dog in front of you.

    Fortunately, there are many devices that will let you reduce or control your dog's barking, and not surprisingly, they're becoming very popular. These devices will use several methods to reduce barking; for example, some will give a mild static shock to the dog whenever it barks, others will release a spray of citronella on the dog's jaw, and yet others will make a sound that only dogs can hear.

    Following personal interviews with people who strap various no-bark collars onto their dogs, as well as extensive reviews of the different brands and types on offer, one device appeared to be much in demand. The PBC00-11047 model. Given below is a brief review of this popular no-bark collar.

    Model Outline

    The PBC00-11047 is a collar that has been designed with the latest in dog training technology, and is aimed specially at large breeds. That's the reason why it is also called the "Big Dog Nano No-Bark Collar" by some dog owners. It's a resistant, yet very light collar, which makes it easy for dogs to wear.

    Features and Benefits

    The PBC00-11047 has several benefits that make it a popular model. Those that deserve mention in this review include – Patented, ‘Perfect Bark™ technology’ with ‘vibration sensor’, widely acknowledged as the most dependable in bark detection; 10-level, ‘Light-Touch’ bark control correction; Tough, 100% waterproof collar with unique, Quick-Fit™ buckle, both adjustable to fit neck sizes of up to 34 inches comfortably; 2-color LED battery for good/low battery indication; Original, Petsafe™ RFA-188 battery; and Comprehensive Operating Guide.

    The big dog nano no-bark collar's features are patented and unique to the model, and they make it very practical and efficient, yet safe at the same time. The PBC00-11047 has consistently given good results over and over in every test and with every pet. When it comes to anti bark training. It’s really something to bark about.

    The PBC00-11047 is a training collar designed for large breeds. It's light, yet resistant. The big dog nano no-bark collar has been given results over and over.

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    Labrador Picture

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