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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Bark Control With The PBC00-11216

    Bark Control With The PBC00-11216


    Do you have a dog that barks at everything that moves and even at things that don't move? Is he uncontrollable when he sees a guest and has to be taken to another room and locked for a bit? Or maybe it's your neighbor's dog who likes to bark until late hours at night. If either of these are true and you have not been getting any peace or quiet due to the problem, don’t despair! The PBC00-11216 outdoor bark control system is the solution for which you’ve been searching.

    What The PBC00-11216 Is All About

    The PBC00-11216 is a very clever device. At first sight, it looks like any ordinary birdhouse, but it's actually an outdoor bark control system. It can be set in any location that a normal birdhouse would be, such as a post or a tree. The device has three range settings, but you’ll likely want to leave it on the default 50-feet range (50 feet is the longest the device’s sensors can reach). The moment the device picks up the sound of barking, it will emit a sound that is so high pitched that humans can't hear it; however dogs can and it makes the stop barking.

    The device is completely safe and is a totally humane way to stop a dog’s barking. In addition, it's PetSafe approved, which adds to this guarantee. The device is actually a good training tool. Whether you use it to train your dog or your neighbor's dog, the animal will eventually learn that it shouldn't bark excessively and without a reason. When the training has taken place, you can take down the device, or just turn it off and leave it in place if you ever want to reinforce the training.

    The outdoor bark control system is water-resistant and is completely weatherproof. It needs a 9 Volt alkaline battery, and it has a small light indicator that will tell you when it's power is running low. This way, you’ll know just when to replace the battery, so that you’ll never be without this clever outdoor bark control system.

    The PBC00-11216 looks like any ordinary birdhouse. Actually, it's an outdoor bark control system. The outdoor bark control system uses high pitched sounds undetectable by humans to cause dogs to stop barking.

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