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    Donut Dog Beds For Your Labrador


    Choosing a suitable dog bed is important because it depends on a variety of things such as the size, age and personality of the dog. There are five different sizes and shapes of beds that one can choose from depending on the dog’s size and its sleeping posture. For dogs that are prone to stretch, a rectangular shape would be suitable while the donut dog bed with an outer ring that is above that of the inner part would be suitable for dogs that otherwise like to sleep on furniture.

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    Suitable for Dogs that Curl Up

    The donut dog bed looks just like a donut, and it has sides that are higher along with a depression or even a tiny hole in middle which makes the dog feel safe and secure. It also gives it a feeling of snugness when the bed is the proper size. The donut dog bed is probably the right one for dogs that are prone to curling up into small balls, or which like to lean against walls, or even those who love to sleep besides their owner on the couch or on a bed.

    It would be better to choose a donut dog bed if you are living where the weather gets cold because of the protection that such dog beds provide to the dog against drafts as well as helps to insulate the heat of its body. The size should at least be big enough to accommodate a fully stretched dog, and you could even choose a size is that a bit bigger.

    Size does matter when it comes to choosing the donut dog bed as it should be of sufficient strength as well as be large enough to match with the breed of the dog. This does require carefully measuring the dog to ascertain the proper size. Another factor that will influence you into buying a donut dog bed for your dog is the warmth that it will provide as well as enables air to circulate during the warm months. The deciding factor that will tilt the choice of dog bed towards a donut dog bed would be the way that the dog sleeps.

    A cotton donut dog bed is most suitable for your pet as it will feel comfortable as well as secure. The outside is made out of cotton fabric, and you can see from its outer oval ring why the dog will feel safe in it. If you place a cushion in it, your dog will love it all the more. A donut dog bed will be able to provide resistance from the weather and also handle moisture well; both these factors will ensure the well being of the dog.


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    Labrador Picture

    Labrador Picture

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