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  • An Electronic Dog Training Collar Can Help Teach The Dog To Behave Appropriately

  • The Iditarod, From A Dog's Perspective (Chicago Sun-Times)

  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » Understanding The IUC-4100

    Understanding The IUC-4100


    IUC-4100 is an UltraSmart® in ground pet fencing system that proves to be a viable and a practical elixir to contain dogs within defined boundaries. It includes many features, among them, a Ready Test mode that indicates that the system is ready to be used. In addition, it includes a Run-Through mechanism, which lets you select one of three levels of containment stimulation to apply to your dog whenever it tries to leave the area you assigned for it.

    The IUC-4100 includes 500 feet of wire to set the boundary (approximately 150 mtrs) and 50 flags for training. This can further be expanded up to 25 acres with the purchase of additional flags and wires. The collars of IUC-4100 are satiny, delineated for comfort, small, light-weighted and work on lithium-ion batteries that charge quickly within minutes.

    Another advantage of the battery provided with the Innotek IUC-4100 is that it works even when there is a power failure. Automatic systems check, 3-way battery indicator and the correct collar fit insinuator add feathers to the cap. Finally, the collar is resistant to water and bad weather, it comes with a limited lifetime warany, and it's even compatible with the Innotek In-Door Zones ZND-1000 system.

    In addition to the IUC-4100 system, your purchase includes a couple of splicers, probes and a DVD with instructions. The DVD will help you understand how to train your dog to use the system.

    The Benefits of IUC-4100

    You'll be atle to set your own limits to your pet. The wire used for the boundaries is very resistant and long lasting. With the DVD instructions, you won't have to hire a trainer. The collars is very light and comfortable, but even so, it comes with a snug fit indicator that will tell you if it's too tight. The design is specifically aimed at ease of use. Flexible levels of containment correction prove to be effective and powerful in keeping the pet within limits with ease.

    The IUC-4100 is a great system for extablishing limits to your pet's movements. You can make the system as big as you want with additional expansions. The Innotek IUC-4100 comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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