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  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » Advantages Of The IUC-5100 System

    Advantages Of The IUC-5100 System


    Our IUC-5100 is a system that will let you train and contain your pet within a delimited area set by yourself. It is specially useful for dog lovers and owners who live in an area that is hazardous for dogs, yet they don't want to put their dogs on a leash all day long. The pocket remote trainer that comes with the Innotek IUC-5100 makes this UltraSmart Contain and Train Pet Fencing System unique.

    Our Innotek's IUC-5100 is a successor of our previous IUC-4100 model, and it offers the same advantages and more. Equipped with a 2-level instant boost and tone option, the IUC-5100 works on lithium-ion batteries and offers 3 levels of containment correction for the pet. However, improving on the success of its predecessor, when it comes to training, it offers up to 9 levels of correction which you can adjust depending on what you're training your dog to do and the stage of training your pet is at.

    The IUC-5100 packages includes the following: four splices that are water-proof, two sets of proves, a DVD that explains you how to use the system, a unit that transmits and recieves signals, 150 meters of wire, 50 training flags and a charger for the batteries. If you still think the area of the system is too small for your dog's needs, you can expand it to up to 25 acres with the purchase of extra wire and flags.

    Other Offerings

    The remote trainer included in the system will allow you to train your dog to a distance of up to 120 meters. Equipped with a smart system check mechanism and a 3-way battery indicator, the portable receiver collar has a snug fit indicator and testifies to be lightweight and waterproof.

    The batteries included with the system can be recharged for greater convenience. In addition, there is a battery back up and a low battery indicator that will let you know in time that you need to recharge the battery without risking losing its power and letting your dog escape.

    If you find wire from other sources, it can still be used as long as it remains within specifications.

    Our IUC-5100 is a great way to train and contain your pet within bounderies. It includes 150 meters of containment limits, but you can expand it with additional wire if you desire to do so. Our Innotek's IUC-5100 has 3 levels of correction for boundary containment and 9 for training.

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