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  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » A Brief Analysis Of Wireless Pet Containment Systems

    A Brief Analysis Of Wireless Pet Containment Systems


    For those dog owners and lovers that are looking for an easy solution to keep their pet within a certain area. technology is now providing innovative and practical solutions for this with pet containment systems.

    Kinds of Dog Containment Systems

    They can either be electronic wired pet containment system or wireless pet containment systems

    The wired verson of the pet containment system involves a collar and a transmitter. An invisible fence is installed by burying a wire in the desired limits of the dog containment area. The transmitter is placed near the wiring and it effectively completes the circuit composed by the wiring, ready to detect the approaching of the dog's collar. Activated by either a rechargeable battery or an electric unit, the pet containment system warns your dog with a sound when he is about to go out of the boundary. When he goes beyond, mild, harmless static electric shock is offered and this in turn restrains him from going further beyond.

    The wireless system works similarly but it doesn't involve the problem of wiring the system. All dog containment systems come with a DVD with instructions on how to install it, as well as how to use the system effectively for training your dog.

    Benefits of Pet Containment Systems

    You get to set the exact limits where you want your dog to move, and in the process, you keep him away from danger sources, such as cars. Also, you don't have to worry about your dog chasing after strangers, guests, or visitors; and if you live near an open area, he won't be able to wander way and get lost. They are effective and affordable when compared to electric fences.

    It also takes very little time and training to get results. Pet containment systems are versatile in nature and can be chosen based on the availability of area, the temperament and the size of the dog. No more need for trenches and pits.

    Any number of dogs can be contained with the help of single pet containment system. Even when you're not home, the system will continue to protect your dog.

    There are several pet containment systems for those who want to keep their dog confined to a certain area. They are very versatile and can adopt almost any form and size. In addition, a dog containment system can be used for as many dogs as you want.

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    Labrador Picture

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