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  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » A Comfortable Option: Wireless Dog Fences

    A Comfortable Option: Wireless Dog Fences


    The best way to restrict a pet to a certain area is by installing wireless dog fences. They’ve been sensational due to the mobility offered without the hassle of wires. In previous times, invisible and wireless dog fences were very similar to the electrical fences used for cattle. However in recent years the set up has become completely easy to do.

    These sort of fences need a special type of transmitters to work. These may be used inside or outdoors with certain alterations to the set up specifications. These specifications are what emits radio wave signals that are to be received by a portable, light-weight device set in the dog collar. The transmitter can be placed in any location, and it acts in an area of which the radius has been set by the owner of the pet. The collar not only receives the radio signals, but it can descipher them to know if the dog is getting close to the boundaries, in which case it will emit a warning beep, or if the dog is trying to cross them, in which case it will give the dog a small electric shock.


    You can customize invisible dog fences by changing the intensity of the electrical shocks that the collar delivers according to the temperament and size of your dog. The battery attached to the receiver collar may be rechargeable or renewable depending upon he product you choose to purchase. Most of these devices are water-proof, and they're all considered safe for both the pet and the owner.

    Points to Consider

    When you select a wireless dog fence, there are certain things you need to take into consideration.

    The purchase price is not the only cost, ask for any maintenance costs that you'll have to pay eventually.

    Try to select a trustworthy supplier and ensure that you acquire some type of warranty for it

    When it's time to replace the batteries, get the ones that will last longer.

    If possible, maintain a back-up system in case your current set up goes down

    Your dog size and specific behavior also play a role.

    wireless dog fences are a great tool to keep dogs inside your property. The installation of these fences is easier than ever. invisible dog fences always include a manual on how to train dogs.

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    Labrador Picture

    Labrador Picture

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