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    Dog Kennel Design For The Labrador


    Dealing with the dog kennel design is really a technical episode, and dog owners have to take it quite seriously when planning for the construction of a kennel. The dimensions and the design of the dog kennel depends very much on a few criterions, such as the climatic condition of the place, the breed of the dog, and place where the kennel is situated – outdoor or indoor.

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    Breeds such as Retrievers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, and Great Danes require larger areas, as compared to the breeds such as Beagles, Dachshunds, and Cocker Spaniels. Although the overall structure and plan for the dog kennel design shall be the same almost for all the breeds, the designs may vary to some extent with the variation of the breed.

    The pivotal point that has to be taken utmost care of is the proper air circulation within the kennel, and the next point, obviously, is safety and security. The length, breadth, and height of the kennel have to be given special significance while planning a dog kennel design. The other significant point is the roof, which should preferably be slanting so as to ensure an effective heat reflection. The exact shape is not as significant as these factors; however, while chalking out the plan for the dog kennel design, special emphasize has to be put on the materials to be used because the well-being and the safety of the animal is of prime importance.

    Dog Kennel Design and Kennel Categories

    Dog kennel design varies according to the type of the kennel desired for. There are actually various designs based on factors such as large size, outdoor or indoor kennels, and so on. The modular dog kennel is the best dog kennel design for the dog owners, because they can be prepared as per the owner’s desire in so far as the shape and size are concerned. Surprisingly, the owner can even get a “L” shape to his kennel, if required, and can change the shape, size, and the design in the future as per his needs.

    The modular kennel is the best option for the dog breeders, because they need to change the shape and size constantly as per the situation’s demands. The most important feature regarding this modular dog kennel is that it comes in a total package of all the requisite accessories, along with both the perimeter panels and the gate panels.


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