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    How To Train two Dogs

    When a prospective pet owner searches for the puppy of their dreams, it is quite common to consider bringing home to puppies rather than just the one. It is understandable why one may choose to bring...

    What To Do If You See A Dog Fight

    There is quite an interesting phenomenon in that dogs of the same-sex are more inclined to fight rather than dogs of opposite sex. When dogs of opposite sex fight it is usually due to issues of territoriality...

    Dog Potty Training: Tips On Housebreaking Your Labrador

    The first few days with your dog are very crucial. Although some dogs easily adjust to their new environment, there are many dogs that are rather slow in learning new things. According to many experts,...

    How To Manage And train two Dogs?

    So you have decided after considering all the pros and cons of owning two dogs, to bring home a second dog in your home. Once you have chosen your second puppy you will then need to carefully introduce...

    How To Interpret What Your Labrador Is trying To Tell You!

    Have you ever wondered what your Labrador is trying to tell you? Well, here is what to interpret when you see your Dog with: His ears back and growling too! Why is your Labrador sending...

    Hunting Dog Training! Who Really Benefits?

    Hunting dog training should be taken very seriously because it requires your dog being desensitized to gunfire that normally accompanies a hunt and still be able to keep its focus on the trainers commands....

    How to handle two Dogs

    It's quite common for Labrador owners to consider adding a second dog to their family. The main reason for adding the second puppy is to provide additional companionship to the original dog. Before...

    Deaf Dog Training For Your Labrador

    Learning that your new pooch is deaf is the first hurdle any owner must accept. But then learning that training a deaf dog is not very different from training a hearing one, can take some of the sting...

    Labrador Dog Training Equipment

    If you can get your dog to obey your commands and perform certain tasks in accordance with the commands given to it then you can safely say that your dog has been trained to live with its master. There...

    Oceanside Dog Training For Your Labrador

    Its one of those beautiful South California days and you are walking to the beach. Your young friend is bouncing happily next to you. His red bandana is secure around his neck, his tongue is hanging out...


    Got Dog Problems? The GOOD news for YOU is that it's easier than you may think to regain control of your Labrador. Discover all the latest PROVEN methods and techniques YOU can use to train your Labrador. Find out about Labrador Obedience Training NOW!

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