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    Is Your Labrador Aggressive or Too Shy?


    It is said that if the Dog’s genes display good temperament, no amount of careless handling can damage that. But, sadly, even good genes do not forgive bad handling and turn the best of Dogs into biters and aggressive Dogs.

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    Degrees of shyness:

    There are degrees of shyness in Dogs that forms the root cause of various temperament problems. If he’s just a little shy, he may not be suited for the show ring, but he’s the perfect family pet. But if he’s very shy, he can be very aggressive and can end up biting too, unless firmly handled. When this happens, your %dogbreed% is said to display “fear aggression.” Such Dogs may also suffer from another temperament problem—separation anxiety.

    Aggression in Dogs:

    It is true that Dogs experience aggression that manifests itself in various ways. In fact, this is said to be one of the most widespread problems that companion pets face. After all, what could be more frightening than finding a very angry animal attacking you? To make a tame loving Dog into an aggressive monster is really quite simple. All it takes is your meanness, and the job is complete and the Dog chaotic. Naturally, in such a situation, your Dog is left with no defenses except to be angry and snarling whenever he sees you. This is chiefly a reaction out of his fear and anxiety, the feeling of not being confident in his own environment. The influences on a house pet are many. This means that there are various sources from where he can pick up both positive and negative influences. Think of the Dog who growls at you when you pick up his toy or ask him to get off the sofa. When he bites you in response, he is responding to the aggression that has built up inside him. So, to explain to such Dogs that this is not the right response is an onerous task. As a pet owner, you should aim rather to prevent aggression in your pet than attempt to get rid of it once it sets in. As you know, this embraces several factors: socialization, training for confidence, manners and social structure.


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