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    Labrador Dog Training Aids


    One of the most commonly used dog training aids is the whistle. Historically, the whistle was used to train hunting herding dogs. The whistle creates the least noise and it sound reaches far compared to the human voice. Besides, when you are out there herding or hunting, shouting commands to your dog from a distance is not advisable. Note that the human voice is very scary to animals especially in the wild. On the other hand, the sound of the whistle often easily blends with the other sounds of the place thus it does not cause so many disturbances. Furthermore, the dogs ear is more tuned to higher frequency sounds like that of a whistle. Since high frequency sounds travel a greater distance than the human voice, the whistle works well for dogs that are used for herding and hunting.

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    In our modern times, many handlers prefer the whistle as part of their dog training aids. The use of the whistles as dog training aids is no longer limited to those dogs that are used for hunting and herding. Many pet owners prefer to use the whistle to call their pets or to issue commands from a distance.

    Training Your Dog With The Help Of A Whistle

    Using whistles as dog training aids require skills and knowledge on your part. If you have no idea how to use the whistle as part of your dog training aids, it is best to ask an expert to help you. You cant just simply use a whistle randomly as part of your dog training aids. Always remember that you dog need to be able to understand what the tone of the whistle means in order for it to follow accordingly. Dog trainers have developed some standard whistle commands over time. For instance, a whistle command to sit can be issued by one long whistle blast together with a raised hand open hand. On the other hand, if you want to direct the attention of the dog, you can make two short whistle blasts and point the new direction with your hand.

    On the other hand, different types of whistles may be used for different commands. Dogs can be trained to respond to different sounds and pitches of the whistle. However, these rules on how to use the whistle as part of your dog training aids are not absolute. You can always improvise when dealing with your dog so do not limit yourself to whistle commands that others have set.


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