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    Labrador Dog Training Equipment


    If you can get your dog to obey your commands and perform certain tasks in accordance with the commands given to it then you can safely say that your dog has been trained to live with its master. There are certain specific activities that you can train your dog to perform such as tracking, herding, guarding, hunting as well as retrieving. In addition, you may also train your dog to perform simple tasks such as sitting, staying, and standing as well as a few more including lying down or rolling. A properly trained dog is an enjoyable companion for his master and will be safe with other people as well.

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    Dogs Cannot Understand Simple Obedience On Their Own

    By themselves, dogs are incapable of understanding simple obedience and thus need to be trained, which involves the difficult process of communicating with them what is required of them and which can be made simpler by rewarding them when they obey and correcting them when they disobey. In your endeavor to train the dog you will require dog training equipment which includes many items including a leash as well as collar, a clicker as well as some treats with which to reward him when he obeys your commands.

    You may start your dog training exercise with the simplest of dog training equipment which is to make your dog wear a collar which may be a bit uncomfortable to begin with, but to which he will become accustomed with the passage of time. Once he is accustomed to the collar, you can add the next item of dog training equipment which is the leash.

    You can begin by not holding the leash and letting your dog walk about with these two items of dog training equipment so that he understands that they will not do him any harm. No doubt he will hate being confined, but the leash and collar which are your basic dog training equipment items are necessary to control the movements of the dog and in spite of his resentment of it (initially), with time he should become accustomed to it and will respond to it positively thenceforth.

    To train your dog you will also need another item of dog training equipment which is the clicker that is a small toy-like device from which emanate clear as well as distinct sounds that praise or reprimand the dog. The clicker is suitable if you feel that your voice lacks the proper tone which could be due to a variety of reasons including tiredness as well as fatigue. The dog is made to respond to the sound of the clicker by clicking once if he has obeyed a command which should be followed by a treat. On the other hand, if you click twice and do not give it a treat the dog will be able to associate the two different clicks and will get accustomed to the idea pretty soon and understand what is required of him?

    These simple dog training equipment items should get your dog to understand what is required of it and should suffice in training it to obey your commands.


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