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    The Doggie Door: Your Second Best Friend


    For people who have a dog, installing a doggie door that leads to the backyard is one of the most practical things they can do for themselves and their pets. Some people think they can't install them on a glass door, but today there are models that can do exactly that. There are two types of doors that can be put into a sliding glass door which do not decrease the security in these doors and allows their pets the access that they need to the yard.

    Types of Doors

    There are two types of doggie doors that can be installed on glass doors: the panel door and the door in a door type. The first type is a door that is the width of the sliding glass door which reduces the amount of space that the people have to go in and out of the door but allows the dog to pass in and out of the yard at will.

    The second type requires a hole to be cut in the glass door in order to install the doggie door.

    In addition to these types, there are other types of doggie doors that can be installed in conventional doors; for example, the automatic slider doggie door. These automatic doors are recommended for large breeds, since they open completely and leave much more space for the dog to go through. The most common kind of door that is installed into a wooden door is the flap type, which requires that a hole be cut in the door that the flap door can be inserted into for the dog to go in and out of.

    Of course, there are always new types of doggie doors coming out these days, such as the sash doors, the window mounts and the door mounts. WIth so many types of doors available, any customer can find the most appropriate doggy door for his or her pet, no matter the size, age, and characteristics of the dog.

    Installing a doggie door is very easy and practical. They can even be installed in glass doors. You can pretty much install a doggy door in any kind of door.

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