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  •    Home » Articles » VeterinaryCare » Is It Worth Taking Your Labrador To The Veterinary Dentist?

    Is It Worth Taking Your Labrador To The Veterinary Dentist?


    It is said that the state of your teeth can be a great indicator of the state of one’s overall health. And, this fact is no different when one is speaking of their pet or animal. Over time, a dog or cat’s teeth can become decayed or filled with plaque depending on their age and what type of foods they are generally fed on a regular basis. In modern times, along with trips to the veterinarian on a regular basis, the faithful pet owner can also take their animal for trips to the veterinary dentist as well for some much needed dental work. This highly specialized field is often used by those pet owners who are not only avid lovers of their pet, but also have the money to spend on such an endeavor, as it can be quite an expensive practice. Yet, for those whose pets have serious dental issues, the veterinary dentist can be a life saver.

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    What To Expect On Your Trip To The Veterinary Dentist

    Coaxing your dog, cat or other pet into the veterinary office can be enough of a battle without even thinking of a trip to the dentist. It is hard enough to get those of the human race to enjoy this wrenching experience, especially those who have not had very good dental experiences in the past. Yet, the veterinary dentist has all the expertise to make the animals and pet owner’s visit as painless as it can possibly be. Everything within the office is set up to accommodate your pet, from the chairs or benches that are used to the way that the assistants handle the animals. There are rarely any surprises that these professionals cannot handle.

    Many veterinary dentists work in a partnership with other veterinarians as well in order to help one another, and some may even share office space as well. On the other hand, many of these medical professionals have stand-alone facilities in which to operate. Generally, there is no insurance accepted, with the exception of those insurance for the ultra-serious pet owners which can cover large expenses after meeting a certain amount for a deductible. During these visits, the animal’s teeth are cleaned, just as the case for a person. Plaque is often a problem for many pets, so a thorough cleaning is often needed, along with some more specialized work to be done. Problems such as halitosis and periodontal disease are also taken care of as well. Overall, a trip to the veterinary dentist can be a pleasant and healthy experience for the pet, enhancing their life, not too mention their teeth and gums.


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