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    Veterinary Dentistry And Your Labrador


    Taking a trip to the veterinarian with a beloved pet is a common visit that most pet owners make from time to time, either for a routine exam, yearly immunizations or to check and discuss a specific health issue. The veterinarian is most often a person who enjoys animals, and this trip is typically a pleasant experience for all parties involved, especially when the veterinarian is very gentle and friendly in his/her handling of the pets. Yet, the field of veterinary dentistry, while not quite as common in many parts of the world, is a growing area of medicine that many pet owners are beginning to take notice of and to participate in.

    News Flash  Jan, 04 2009

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    The Importance And Usefulness Of Veterinary Dentistry

    Just as it is often said that the state of a personís gums tells a great deal about their overall health, the same can be said in the life of a beloved pet. An animalís teeth and gums can suffer in a variety of ways, as can a humanís. Over time, teeth become decayed, yellowed or covered in plaque, which can certainly affect oneís overall health. Veterinary dentistry is one very specialized field of medicine that focuses on the teeth and gums of animals and their general maintenance and well-being. Although some people scoff at this field, sighting the general excess that is often spent on oneís pet, many of those who feel that their pets are just an extension of the family, want to do everything within their power in order to keep their petís health as strong as it can be. Extending the life span and the quality of that life is a top priority for many serious pet owners and trainers.

    Veterinary dentistry requires a great amount of time and study in a college setting, much like the field of dentistry for humans. There are a variety of diseases of the mouth, teeth and gums that affect animals, and it is important to have these issues taken care of before it is too late. Often, an animal develops gum disease and plaque from bad eating habits, such as being fed soft foods instead of hard, crunchy food, which helps rid the teeth of plaque build-up. Animal dentists often have clinics that are set up to cater to the specific needs of the pet and are often very expensive as well. Insurance typically does not cover animals or pet, unless one carries a certain type of insurance specifically designed for pets, which is available for a high price. Overall, veterinary dentistry has its place to keep a petís health maintained for years to come through the care and enhancement of healthy teeth and gums.


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