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    The Labrador retriever is one among many different retriever dogs and is also a very popular breed in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom. A very friendly creature, the Labrador retriever is also full of energy as well as good natured and is an excellent pet that provides good companionship and is also a handy working dog. This breed is certainly one of the quickest learners in the dog world and is responsive to praise as well as positive attention. Their love for water is well known and they have been bred selectively to retrieve in water and are called ‘gun dogs’ that provide amazing companionship in duck hunting.

    Temperament, Breeders and More

    The temperament of a Labrador is one of good balance and versatility that is suitable for many different activities and can be trained easily as well as being very obedient animals. They are not very territorial and very secure without pining, aggressiveness, destruction and nor are they hypersensitive. The Labrador breeder has the responsibility of breeding the dog from the best of dams and sires and there are many Labrador breeders available and one can check their particulars and ascertain that they provide guarantees about the Labrador and have had them vaccinated as well as kept them in clean environment and have borne the responsibility as well as expenses of raising litters with due caution and care.

    The Labrador rescue group should also have sprayed or neutered the dog, especially those Labradors that are not intended for showing in American Kennel Club Conformation events as this will ensure that no accidental breeding occurs which can ruin the breed. Also, get referrals regarding the breeder. Labrador rescue is a good way of obtaining a purebred Labrador and is also wonderful opportunity to save the life of a dog that is in need of shelter and care. Most Labrador rescue dogs should have been sprayed or neutered and have been screened for health as well as temperament problems.

    Before bringing home a Labrador puppy, be prepared and ensure that the transition to its new home is smooth and purchase food, treats, toys, a collar and leash as well grooming tools plus any other necessity so that the Labrador puppy has all that is required to make its life happy and secure. You may also need to dog-proof the home before bringing the Labrador puppy home and store chewable as well as breakables to higher ground and make electrical cords inaccessible to them. You should commence Labrador training right away.

    Labrador care should involve giving it regular check-ups at the vets and getting informed by the vet about its diet, behavior, activity level as well as other concerns. Remember to give it a good diet that suits Labradors and is consistent and give it plenty of clean and fresh water. The Labrador loves to exercise; so take it for walks, run with it in the yard and get it up and moving to prevent health problems as well as benefit his health. Make sure that it has got its vaccinations and there is a flea collar for it to help repel fleas and ticks and keep its bedding and the home free of parasites.

    Labradors are very intelligent and love to be trained. For this, one should spare time and be firm and consistent when teaching it how to behave as well as training it for certain tasks that it should perform. Labradors need to know who the boss is and so you need to be strong and assertive and it will not have any problems learning basic commands like sit, stay, come and fetch. It should also be socialized and taking it to an obedience class can be fun for both dog and master.

    There are many types of Labradors, but they basically come in three colors which are black, yellow and chocolate and there are also Labradoodles or mixed-breed Labradors and they are also crossbred with German shepherds and Border Collies. If a preliminary introduction intrigues the owner or dog lover, he or she may want to learn more about the Labrador dog.


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