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  • How to Choose the Right Labrador Breeder: Quality, Not Quantity

    Given the fact that Labradors are very popular animals and there is a lot of interest shown in buying this breed it should not come as a big surprise that there are many Labrador breeders catering to this demand. But, it is not the numbers that count; rather, it is the quality of the breeder as well as the stock of dogs that he or she has that can help determine whether that is the right Labrador breeder or not. There are many breeders that are only in it for the money and who may indulge in unhealthy breeding practices and should not be considered suitable sources for your Labrador dog.

    Registered With a National Kennel Club or Labrador Retriever Club

    No matter where the Labrador breeder is located, you should consider them to be the right Labrador breeder if he is registered with a national kennel club or Labrador retriever club. One should also ascertain the reason why a particular breeder is not registered and if the answer is cost then one can safely disregard such a breeder since it is an indication that the breeder is only out to make a quick buck and would not be caring much about the breed.

    The Labrador breeder should keep the dogs in a home as part of a family and not leave them in kennel runs and the dogs should appear to be in good health as well as high spirits and should be excited to meet new people and are not shy from meeting visitors. In addition, one should check out the place that the dogs spend a majority of their time in and this area should be clean as well kept in good order. One should also check out the puppy’s parents and at least, the mother, if not the father as well.

    Another factor in choosing the right Labrador breeder is that he should not be breeding too many different types of dogs and should know all about breed standards which pertain to the desired qualities and characteristics of the Labrador that includes its size, proportion, coat, color as well as temperament. The Labrador breeder should also be close to a local veterinarian and should show the buyer all the records pertaining to veterinarian visits for the puppies and should provide explanations of the medical history of all the dogs in his or her care.

    The Labrador breeder that you choose to buy your dog or puppy from should be very knowledgeable about potential genetic problems that are inherent in the Labrador breed and should be able to satisfactorily explain this to you. The breeder should have taken precautions especially with regard to the puppy’s parents so that they are free from such defects and thus do not pass on any genetic defects to their puppies and there should be documented proof of such testing, especially from organizations like Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

    When figuring out how to choose the right Labrador breeder, look for tell-tale signs such as whether he will show the buyer how to care for and train the puppy and will also be able to give references of others who have purchased puppies from them. The puppies in the care of a Labrador breeder should have been fed good quality and premium brand foods. The breeder may also not necessarily have many puppies but may have a list of prospective buyers for the next litter.

    You should be able to obtain a written contract as well as health guarantee from the breeder and you should go over these documents thoroughly. Another way to choose the right Labrador breeder would be to make sure he does not require that you need to utilize the services of a particular veterinarian. One should check out the available Labrador puppies and choose one that is most appealing.

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    Labrador Picture

    Labrador Picture

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