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  • Finding A Quality Labrador Breeder: Go Online Or Place Wanted Ads

    One can look for and find a quality Labrador breeder by simply placing a Labrador retriever wanted advertisement. A good and reputable Labrador breeder will want the buyer to answer certain questions that include wanting to know the purpose for which the dog is wanted as well as the buyer furnishing veterinary references in case he or she already has pets. The buyer should, on his or her part, need to identify a good Labrador breeder and so need to consider a few of the characteristics that make up a good Labrador breeder.

    Check Out Local, State As Well As National Kennel Clubs

    Good Labrador breeders will be working in close association with local, state as well as national clubs that specialize in Labradors and one can use these organizations to find a quality Labrador breeder. Having gotten a list of Labrador breeders either from those who answered your wanted ad or through searching for them over the internet one should localize the search further by seeking out those that are situated close to your home so that you may visit the breeder and check out the facilities as well as the dogs.

    A good and quality Labrador breeder should have a good stock of happy and healthy dogs that are kept in a home and not out in kennel runs. The area where the dogs spend most of their time should be clean and well maintained.

    When you think you’ve found a quality Labrador breeder, he should be breeding just a couple of breeds and should know all about breed standards which means knowing the desired characteristics of the breed that includes their size, proportion, coat and color as well as temperament. The Labrador breeder should have strong ties with a local veterinarian and has records of visits made for the puppies and can document puppy medical histories as we all vaccinations done and knows all about genetic defects inherent in breeds such as the Labrador and can explain these to the buyer.

    A quality Labrador breeder should be able to guide the buyer about caring for and training the puppies and can assist even after the buyer takes the Labrador puppy home. The quality Labrador puppy should compete actively with dogs in conformation trials that are a yardstick to measure how closely the dogs match the breed standards and should also have entered the dogs in obedience trials.

    The Labrador retriever is a very popular and a much sought after dog and so there is high demand for Labrador breeders and so there are many Labrador breeders thriving on this demand for Labradors. One should however not go in for those breeders that show more concern for making profit and who are known as backyard breeders and should be avoided at all costs. The best places to find a quality Labrador breeder would be online at the national kennel club or online at a Labrador retriever club in the country.

    Asking Labrador owners about a good quality Labrador breeder should also help find some useful leads, especially if the owner lives in your neighborhood. Visiting the local pet store should also help locate a quality Labrador breeder. One should also check to see whether the breeder answers all your questions satisfactorily and ask for and obtain the pedigree as well as background of the Labrador litter. If you think you have found a quality Labrador breeder, you must learn how to choose the right Labrador breeder.

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    Labrador Picture

    Labrador Picture

    Labrador Picture

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