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  • Labrador Puppy Care: Give It Love, Attention - and Exercise!

    The Labrador is considered to be the epitome of a family dog but it needs quite an active household for it to be satisfied, especially in terms of getting enough exercise and work. Labrador puppy care would certainly include giving it a few of daily walks and allowing it to romp about in a fenced yard and teach it games that would keep its mind as well as body in good shape.

    If proper Labrador puppy care is not given it may turn into a wanderer and a digger as well as becoming a chewer. To begin with, the new Labrador puppy should be taught to stay on the leash and learn to obey simple commands such as sit, stay, heel and come and go, so that it does not jump on visitors in its desire to greet them.

    Teach It a Few Tricks

    The Labrador puppy may also be taught to shake paws as well as learn to fetch and its innate desire to retrieve can make for many hours filled with joy in playing with it. One can also teach the Labrador puppy to use his smelling abilities to ferret out things that have been hidden from it. Normally, a fast growing Labrador puppy will attain almost adult weight in a short span of time that could be just six to seven months in duration.

    One should remember not to let the Labrador puppy be left to its own devices as this would make it very difficult to train it. Being an exuberant animal, this trait can often land it in trouble with other dogs as well as with neighbors that may not like such antics; so one should carefully train the Labrador puppy at an early age. The Labrador loves to be a part of the family and is a people-oriented dog and one should understand the Labrador as such, though it may not reach adulthood until it is of three years of age; so patience is the key to caring for them. Feeding the Labrador puppy good food does not mean letting its weight exceed normal limits as overweight dogs may be prone to health problems such as heart trouble and arthritis.

    As part of Labrador puppy care, you need to brush your puppy once a week using a slicker brush so that its shedding can be controlled and give it a bath only when it starts to stink as it does not require a lot of grooming, which can easily be done at home. The puppy’s nails should be trimmed regularly such as once a month so that it may not have foot problems. The Labrador can often be very stubborn which means you have to be consistent as well as patient with it when training it. It is not a very active breed and can easily be kept indoors as well as out and are happy in the yard or in the home.

    With proper care, the Labrador puppy should live to a ripe old age of ten to twelve years and so one can expect many years of happy companionship with it. They love to swim and so should be taken for swims and one should have at least 30 to 60 minutes a day which should be spent in playing with as well as exercising the Labrador puppy so that it gets enough exercise and does not turn into a bored animal. One should be ready for this new addition and start preparing for your Labrador puppy well before it arrives to its new home.

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