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  • When Creating a Living Space for Your Labrador, Puppy-proof the Home

    The Labrador is a wonderful animal which has been carefully bred to promote as well as preserve the wonderful traits of this breed. The Labrador puppy is about to become your pet and companion as well as watch dog and will develop into a wonderful animal if handled well and each individual Labrador puppy will have its own personality and character. In addition, the puppy would require enough space to feel comfortable in and this may also require puppy-proofing the house.

    Just Like Raising a Toddler

    Raising a puppy may be likened to raising a toddler and a puppy is sure to wander about and explore its new surroundings and this requires that it be protected from objects as well as other things that could accidentally harm it. When creating a living space for your Labrador puppy, you should view things through the eyes of the puppy. Get down on the floor and check for things that appear at the mouth level of the Labrador puppy and know at once that these things are in danger of being chewed and may also cause harm to the puppy.

    There may be things that it would be likely to chew on or which could trip it or which could fall down as a result of accidental pushing. Things like breakables, paper, childrenís toys as well as shoes would be fair game for the new Labrador puppy and these should be kept away from the living space you have created for him. Dangerous objects such as electrical cords and sharp objects as well as plastic bags and cleaning supplies should be removed from its reach and medications should be kept closed within the cabinet as these could also prove to be deadly for the pet.

    Anything at the level of the petís mouth and reach would be fair game until they are taught the difference between what is theirs and what is not. All harmful things that can be accessed by the pet should be removed from the living space you have created for your Labrador puppy and it should be given enough to chew on so that it is preoccupied and does not take recourse to eating what should not be eaten. This may be necessary till such time as the puppy is taught to get over its natural curiosity and learn to leave things alone.

    After securing the home for dangerous items one should ensure that there is no poisonous stuff or cleaners or medications that are left in the garage and which are potentially harmful to your pet. Remove all insecticides and plant food as well as anti-freeze items because they taste sweet to animals and also kill them. There are also some poisonous houseplants that should be secured from the reach of your Labrador puppy and if you suspect that your puppy has poisoned itself, call the vet immediately.

    Besides puppy-proofing your home, you should also have created enough living space for the Labrador puppy to move around. You may also need to fence the yard so that it cannot escape and you need to tailor your lifestyle so that it suits the needs of the Labrador, especially when it comes to exercise. The living arrangements as well as your lifestyle should match those of your puppy. Once the puppy settles in, you will need plenty of Labrador puppy supplies.

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    Labrador Picture

    Labrador Picture

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