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  • Choosing A Dog Trainer

  • Preparing to Welcome Your Labrador Puppy with Open Arms

    Before bringing your Labrador puppy home one should take care to purchase a few items that are needed for it as well as for making the home a safe and puppy-proof place. Puppy-proofing the home requires that the home be secured and all dangerous items should have been safely secured such as electrical cords, sharp objects, fertilizers as also household chemicals, all of which may harm the new puppy. It may also be necessary when preparing for your Labrador puppy to fence the yard to prevent the puppy from escaping outside and will help insure a safe area in the home that would be home to the new pet.

    Basic Accessories

    Some basic accessories required to prepare for the Labrador puppy are food bowls, water bowls, puppy food, a collar, leash and an ID tag as well as a crate and maybe baby gates and grooming toys as well as toys. One should also ensure that things are low key when you first bring home the Labrador puppy and one should introduce the crate to let it sleep in it. Crate-training may also be begun as soon as you feel the puppy is ready to learn, which should be almost immediately as it is a quick learner as well intelligent.

    Adequate care should be taken in the preparation of the Labrador puppy to ensure its safety and this may entail raising electrical wires beyond its reach as it is famous for chewing anything and everything. Swimming pools may also be kept out of bounds for the Labrador puppy even though it has great affinity for water and swimming and it may need to be taught to stay afloat before letting it have a swim. One should also prepare for a new Labrador puppy by protecting young children from the new arrival and should be advised to handle the puppy with care and not pull its ears or pick and drop it.

    The first entrance of the puppy should be a memorable occasion for it and one should let it look around its new surroundings and give it a light meal as well as provide clean drinking water for it. If it gets tired, it should be borne outside and be tucked into its crate so that it can take a nap and learn where it is to sleep. The first few days after it comes home should be quiet so that it can get used to its new home and surroundings as well as family members. This is a necessary step in preparing for your Labrador puppy as it has just been uprooted from its mother and siblings and so, should be given time to adapt.

    It is a good idea to initially restrict it to a small area to which it can become familiar with and slowly let it have greater access and one should start to housebreak it without delay. A new puppy may often fall asleep a lot and this should not cause any concern as sleep will help it cope with the change and its associated stresses. The transition for the puppy would be considerably eased if one is prepared with the right supplies as well as equipment.

    Have crates on hand and there are several varieties to choose from and it should be large enough to house the Labrador puppy. Stainless steel water and food bowls would be a good choice as they provide functionality as well as value. Have a collar as well as leash ready as well as plenty of grooming supplies such as slicker brushes and nail trimmers. You can also buy toys for it as it is a playful sort and can easily entertain one with its intelligent use of toys and toys would also give it something to chew and concentrate on. While preparing for your new dog, you can start creating a living space for your Labrador puppy.

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