Why are So Many Labradors Up for Rescue or Adoption?

For anyone who loves the Labrador it is hard to believe that the black Labrador in particular is one of the most common dogs to come into shelters and the hardest to place. The reason for this is that many people associate large black dogs with aggression. Lovers of Labradors know this to simply be a myth except in rare circumstances.

Lack of Training

Sadly the biggest reason for an owner to give up a Labrador is due to their energy or poor behavior from lack of training. More often than not bad behavior in a Labrador is caused by lack of attention and training by the owner and when they discover they can’t control the Labrador they either turn it loose or take it to the local shelter to be adopted. Labrador adoption is difficult because the dog’s energy level can be more than many are bargaining for or they want a puppy instead of an adult dog.


The other side of this story are abused Labradors and it seems this number is growing daily. At one time it was easy to find a home for a Labrador waiting for adoption but today there are so many that it is becoming harder to find them good homes. Some will buy a Labrador puppy solely for the purpose of hunting and the Labrador often ends up in a cage everyday of his life until somebody steps in and does something about it. For this reason there are more and more Labrador rescue centers popping up every single day.

Often the Labrador rescue centers have to get medical treatment for the most abused, injure or neglected Labrador as well as teach them to trust human beings instead of fearing them. Labrador rescue centers are always looking for foster homes and adoptive homes for these beautiful but lonely Labradors. If you are considering bringing a Labrador into your family, consider adopting one from your local Labrador rescue center or becoming a foster home for one or two and giving them a start on a better life than they have known in the past.

Labradors are big dogs, they are energetic dogs they are also lovable and loyal and most adore children when treated well by them. You won’t find a more appreciated dog than those that come from Labrador rescue when they are given love, care and affection. Why not stop by your local Labrador rescue center and visit some of these dogs that are waiting for a loving home and family. However, learn as much as you can about them in order to not make any of the top ten Labrador rescue mistakes.

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