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  • Red Labrador

    If you have decided to bring a new pet into your family, you are making a big step. If you have already decided on a fox red Labrador (sometimes simply called a red Labrador), here is some information to help you finalize your decision. It is very important that you know everything about any specific breed that you are deciding to bring into your home. Hopefully this information will help you to make an educated and informed decision on whether or not to purchase a fox red Labrador!


    History Of The Breed


    Contrary to popular belief, the fox red Labrador is not its own breed. Instead, it is actually a shade of the yellow lab. Interestingly enough, the fox red Labrador was actually the original shade of yellow that the yellow Labrador retriever was. And even then, the “yellow” Labrador was originally called golden until the British Kennel Club, upon attempting to register the breed, was told that gold was not a color. If you look back to the yellow Labradors that were the first recorded animals of that breed you can see that they were, in fact, much darker and closer to the fox red Labrador color. Many of these earlier yellow Labradors were closer to red Labradors, bearing shades like butterscotch or very dark gold. Until after World War II, this darker yellow fox red Labrador was the norm. Now, however, breeders are trying to breed the lightest shade of yellow possible. Some breeders are even advertising white Labradors, though that is not a recognized shade.


    Health And Temperament Information


    Remember, fox red Labradors are simply yellow Labradors. There will be no real difference in the personality of a fox red Labrador and a yellow Labrador. This is also the same for the health information. However, it is commonly believed that the fox red Labradors are slightly more vocal than the average Labrador. This is important if you live in a development or in close proximity to neighbors who might not want to listen to an animal bark at all hours! In addition, it is generally accepted that fox red Labradors are clingier than other Labradors. Many people suspect that these personality issues are because the gene pool today for these red Labradors is much tighter than normal. All of these dogs will be closely related, and chances are if you look back enough, they all share at least one ancestor. However, as long as you keep the red Labrador close to you and the family, you should not have a problem with barking. This will only be a problem if, for example, you have to leave the dog home alone all day.


    There are some health concerns with fox red Labradors. PRA is an eye issue that is genetic. Because it is genetic and because almost all of the red Labradors in this country are related in some way, chances are high that your red Labrador might experience PRA. If you are breeding, at least one of the parents needs to be found clear and not to be a carrier. If you are buying from a breeder, ask specifically if the Optigen test has been done and what the results were on both the male and the female parent. You will be able to know whether or not the offspring will be affected or carriers of the PRA genetic problem. If you will not breed your red Labrador puppies, it is not a problem if he or she is carrying. However, if you will breed, you need to make sure—and have in certified writing—that the parents were cleared.


    Pricing Information


    The bottom line is that you should expect to pay more for a red Labrador than a normal yellow Labrador. This is because red Labradors are in such high demand. Often times these puppies will have to be shipped across the country to the new owner. Because of this, breeders keep the puppies longer in their care to get them ready for the big move which means more upkeep costs are incurred. Another reason why prices are higher is simply because the darker red Labradors are relatively rare. Some argue that the prices should be the same for every puppy in the litter, but until that change comes around (if it every does), expect to pay a pretty penny for your new pet!


    Attention: To discover how YOU can have the Happiest, Healthiest and Best Behaved Labrador, get a copy of this Labrador Guide NOW!


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