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  • White Labrador


    While the general consensus of what the Labrador should look like when it comes to shows, the white Labrador is no different. Although you may think that with owning a white pet the chances of skin cancer are a lot greater than other colored pets, this is a known fact due to being in the sun too much with such sensitive skin. Overall when the white Labrador enters these competitions that are for registered breeders they still have to conform to the standards listed what makes a Labrador a Labrador. These standards include height, weight, ears, tongue marks, eyes, walk, tail and basically every thing that makes up a dog, but to specific standards only to qualify them for a specific breed.


    Filtering Out The Genes


    The thing about the white Labrador is that even though they call it white, just like any other animal when supposed to be white, is actually a pig pinkish in color at first.. It is as if the skin gets accustomed to the sun and light that the fur actually does go white after a while. Besides the genes for the white Labrador being white, a good question is how is this white obtained, if it is being bred and what happens to those pups that donít all arrive on this earth totally white? Are those mixed coloured pups just discarded as some breeds are when they donít seem so perfect, and with that keeping only the purest white Labrador pups to interbreed with other pure white Labrador pups to try and sift out the other color genes that may filter through?


    Pets With Scars Of Other Genes


    While some of us may be very particular of the color of our pet, mainly due to cleaning habits that we may have to attend to, some donít mind the little imperfections in their pet when it comes to colors. A lot of children tend to call their pet Patches due to one lonesome wildcard patch that seems like it should never be there. While others call their dog Spot, especially when it comes to bull terriers and the like, with that one spot covering the eye like a patch giving them that distinctive recognizable feature.


    Since the registered places for dogs that run shows, there are no special things about the white Labrador besides the color that needs to be as pure as possible for them to keep up with the standards of purity in breeds. This standard is carried across the world to ensure that the breed is kept to its purest form. And if you wished to own one of these purebred white Labrador pups, your best chance of getting the best of the best would be to go via the agencies that have these contacts and actually breed them specifically for this demand, pureness.


    The only problem that some people foresee with such a large dog and being white in colour is that if they have the tendency for the love of water, then there could be a huge problem identifying the white Labrador as a dirty one. They would tend to either find a spot on the lawn or in any sand nearby and start frolicking in it madly, having an absolute wail of a time, while you just stand there waiting patiently for them to stop and get dry, and maybe get the chance to brush them out if you are lucky by showing them some tender loving care after they have had their own personal fun.


    Adding To Their Behaviour


    The nature of the white Labrador is no different to any of the other color breeds. The temperament is placid, with the aim also to please their owners. They are also great with children who are young and still playful, and when they become older they tend to simmer down on life too just as their owners do. The problem with Labradors may be that even with their size being as a large dog, they do not have the aggressiveness that is needed for them to be guard dogs, but this could be adapted to their way of life with their owner. If the owner is naturally edgy the dog will either learn to be the same or a bit more on the protective side, the type that runs to see what is making their boss so edgy or scared.


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