Labrador Puppies: Shower the Puppy with Affection and Be Repaid Manifold

Any dog would make a suitable companion animal but the Labrador is outstanding in this respect, being very devoted and loyal and also a very good friend and companion to human beings. For those who love dogs they will vouchsafe that the Labrador pays back all the love and affection showered on it many hundredfold. Labrador puppies show the same excitement as well as enthusiasm that is punctuated by its vigorous wagging of the tail every time you come home or toss a tennis ball at it and keeping Labrador puppies is not only a privilege, but also entails taking responsibility.

Labrador puppy care should be uppermost in your mind and since it will protect you and your family members it also should be protected as well as cared for just like other family members. It would mean committing to paying for veterinary treatments, surgery as well as prescriptions. It would also mean grooming and keeping the dog clean and in good health and giving it nutritious food as well as some treats to keep its spirits high and enjoy robust health. Good Labrador care would also mean providing it security and giving it an ID tag is a must and providing it a sheltered area to keep out the elements is also necessary.


The smooth and short-haired double coat of a Labrador puppy is easily groomed and one can comb and brush it regularly with a firm bristle brush while at the same time, one should pay attention to its undercoat. It should be given a bath and shampooed only when it gets too dirty and it is not a very heavy shedder.

When you first get a Labrador puppy you need to have certain Labrador puppy supplies on hand that are essential for its proper care and include a water bowl, food bowl, leash, collar, dog food, and the local veterinarian as well as a shelter for it to call its home. You may also need to have a dog bed for it to sleep in as well as plenty of dog toys and chewable, which are highly recommended for Labrador puppies since they love to sink their teeth into anything and everything. If you want to crate-train your puppy you would certainly need a dog crate and you should also have plenty of treats to pamper it, every once in a while and for Labrador care, one should have a dog brush or comb on hand along with dog shampoos and puppy pee-pee pads.

Finding puppies for sale should not be difficult as one can place a Labrador wanted ad or check out kennel and Labrador retriever clubs that would have plenty of cute puppies available. One could also ask around from acquaintances as well as friends about where to find a Labrador puppy and if you happen to know a Labrador owner, you could ask for more information regarding purchasing a Labrador puppy from them. You will also need to consider the color of lab. There are a few to choose from, such as Chocolate LabradorsRed LabradorsWhite Labradors and even Black Labrador Puppies to pick from.

Labrador Puppy Names

Having a Labrador puppy at home can be a lot of fun, especially if one can think up a cute name for it that it will respond to and many times people choose names even before buying the puppy. There are so many suitable names that one should make a list of all of them and then narrow the selection to one that suits the puppy the most. You could check out names such as Adonis, Fred, Velvet, Venus, Felix, Katie, Captain, Hershey and many more – the list is almost endless.

Choosing a particular puppy should be dependent on how well behaved and happy the puppy seems and it should be free of health problems and should stand out as not being too shy or overly aggressive and may be excited to see you. Having chosen a puppy, all that remains to be done is to provide it with Labrador puppy care.

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