Bark Collar for Excessive Barking

As a dog owner, you must be prepared to face all sorts of situations, like excessive barking, that might annoy your family and neighbors.

Your Options

Figure out why your dog barks so much. No dog barks for no reason. There is usually an external stimulus that annoys your dog; maybe it’s an animal (like a cat), maybe it does not like people walking on the street or maybe it gets bored if left alone more than a certain amount of time. If you cannot remove the stimulus that annoys your dog, then you need to find alternatives.

Never punish your dog if it barks out of stress or fear, because this will only intensify the barking. There are more alternatives to stop its barking that you can approach. These include repeated exposure (exposing your dog to the stimulus - like a ringing telephone - while you calm the dog and help it stay quiet), distraction (as the stimulus occurs, offer your dog attention, praise, treats - anything to take the dog’s mind off the stimulus), or reshaping (teach the dog to bark on command by using clicker training, then help the dog to expand the training to include silence, too). Many times these methods work efficiently if you have enough patience to apply them. However, sometimes it takes more than that to calm the repeated barking. You can even consider taking it to a training center or a vet.

About The Bark Collar?

Some people who own dogs use a bark collar to prevent excess barking. These items come in more versions.

A popular bark collar is the one that uses citrus spray that is pulverized whenever your dog barks. Some collars even give the dog a warning “hiss” so that they can learn to avoid the smell entirely.

Sonic or ultrasonic dog Bark collars work by producing a “dog whistle” sound - a sound so low that generally only dogs can hear it - whenever the barking happens. Dogs do not like these sounds and they generally tend to avoid them, so there is a high chance that it will not start barking out of fear of these sounds starting.

Electronic barking collars give the dog a mild shock when they bark. The method does not hurt your dog, but it can substantially reduce barking.

These are not the only solutions available, but they can solve the problem better than other products or techniques. You can safely use any of the three types - the citronella spray collar, the electronic one or the sonic/ultrasonic dog collar. None of these methods are dangerous to your dog, but can be effective deterrents for excessive barking.

If you need a solution to prevent your dog from barking excessively, you can either use dog training or Bark collars. The latter comes in three versions, which are all very efficient - collars with citronella spray, electronic collars or sonic/ultrasonic dog collars. Any of these methods will not harm the animal. More information on barking collars is available here.



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