Beliefs Regarding Labrador Training

If you are planning to bring home a lab in the near future, then you better look for effective labrador training tips as soon as now. The internet is like a vast ocean of tips and information about this breed but sad to say, not all of these tips can be effective in helping you achieve your goals. Some are not even true to say the least. Many are just mere speculations that can add confusions to dog owners especially to inexperienced ones.

Like for example the exact age as to when training should begin. Old school tips believe that training should begin when the puppy is around six to eight weeks of age. But the puppies might have developed bad habits by that time. While it is true that basic obedience usually starts at eight weeks of age, labrador training for emotional attachment and socialization should start as soon as the puppy is able to observe and respond to the environment. During this period, a puppy learns how to interact with his litter mates as well as other animals in the house if there is any. It is also best to train your pup to get used to being handled early on to make grooming or vet check ups easy.

Another age-related issue is the popular quote, “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks” because it is believed that it can be difficult to instill knowledge to their mature minds. Known as one of the most popular breeds, this quote may not be true to them, even to other breeds for that matter. Dogs, regardless of age, can learn tricks and commands taught to them provided effective and appropriate labrador training tips will be used. The only limit however is their physical strength for older dogs may easily get tired compared to younger and more active ones.

After the age-related issues are the tools used during training. This rapidly changing world has a lot to offer, even to the four-legged ones. There are various high-tech tools specially created for training - electronic collars, clickers to name a few. Although of its promised benefit, some people still think that it can be cruel to use tools like electronic collar during labrador training because it may cause harm or injury to the animal. Yes, it can harm your pet if you do not know how to use it properly. To prevent risking your pet, better read, understand and follow the instructions on how to use a certain training tool.

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