Can Bark Collars Silence Your Neighbor’s Dog?

I wish I had researched this some time ago when our neighbor’s dogs barked incessantly. They used to leave their screen door open whenever they left the house. They also had two dogs that used to bark all the time. Despite filling many noise complaints, nothing was done about the noise. Our neighborhood became filled with more and more cranky neighbors as we were all getting less sleep than required for starters, and the constant barking was simply annoying and gave us headaches while wearing on our nerves.

I know that barking is what dogs are supposed to do, whenever there is need. Sometimes they have very good reasons for barking such as being left outside by mistake, being lonely, bored, hungry or thirsty or perhaps confined behind a fence and just wanting in on the action on the other side. Or it can bark when something catches its attention. Dog owners may even unconsciously encourage this behavior by offering their dogs rewards when they bark. They do not realize it, but giving your dog a treat or a pet on its back makes it bark even more often. This attitude will have an opposite effect and encourage the dog to bark all the time.

Leaving your dog outside is not the best solution. It pretty much then comes with a guarantee that there will be problems with your neighbors, not to mention that there is no way to protect your canine from sudden bad weather. Some dogs are held in crates while their owners are away, but they shouldn’t be kept there for more than four hours at a time. There are also things to try such as a gate or even a large pen area where he can see out of and be able to create a den of his own in a room like the kitchen or laundry area. The dog should also have its own small bathroom; you can buy it a litter tray, or make it its small doggie door which it can use to go outside, in a special area surrounded by a fence.

All this might not be enough for your dog to stop barking all the time. If this is the situation, then you should probably think of buying it a special bark collar. If your dog isn’t the problem, but your neighbor’s, a good idea would be to write him a letter in which you politely ask him to do something about his dog’s barking. It is possible that the neighbors are not even aware that their cute little dog is barking its head off while they are at work, although I am sure my neighbors knew since they had so many noise complaints brought against them. If he doesn’t pay attention to your letter, you may write him again or, better, confront him directly and suggest him to buy his dog a bark collar.  

If dogs are loud all the time, then you should do something about it. If barking turns becomes a constant habit for your neighbor’s dog, suggest him to buy his dog a bark collar. If you want to read more about how you could solve the barking problems with a bark collar, click on this link.



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