Do Bark Collars Hurt the Dogs?

There are three different types of dog bark collars that are very popular at the moment among dog owners. These three versions of dog collars serve their purpose well, but some people wonder if they really do not hurt the animal at all. If you have a dog that barks very often, then you must have all the information of these tools you can use on your pet.

Collars That Use Citronella Spray

Some no bark collars emit a citrus smell if the dog barks for long. Because dogs really don’t like the smell of citrus, this can be very effective as a no bark collar. Some types of citrus spray collars make a hissing sound before spraying the substance, so that the dog can stop barking even sooner once it learns what the hiss means. The dog is not hurt at all by either the sound or the spray.

Collars With Ultrasonic/Sonic Mechanisms

Ultrasonic or sonic dog collars will emit a high pitched tone if the dog barks. This sound is like the one created by dog whistles. Most humans can’t hear it or be annoyed by it, but dogs can and will stop barking once they realize that when they stop barking the high pitched tone goes away. Experts confirm that this device is not harmful for the dog. Again, the dog feels no pain whatsoever, but it is only annoyed by the noise. Sonic collars are not as efficient as the other bark collars because the dog can easily get used to the sound and ignore it.

Electronic Bark Collars

When the electronic collar “hears” the dog bark, it gives the dog a mild electrical shock. The shock is not harmful and it can be compared to static shock humans feel. Once again, mostly just an annoyance - but this is the type of no bark collar that some people believe is unethical. Their opinion is based on the fact that, unlike the other types of collars, this electronic device does more than annoying the dog - it applies a physical stimulus. There are persons who do not approve with these devices. Nonetheless, the electronic dog collar is extremely efficient so, if you own a dog that barks all the time, you may consider it a viable solution.

To deter a dog from barking excessively, you can choose from no bark dog collars that use citronella spray, sonic or ultrasonic sounds, or electronic shocking. All people agree with the use of citronella spray and the ultrasonic device; yet, many are against using the electronic collar because it produces shocks. None of these methods are considered dangerous for dogs.

no bark collars have gained more and more popularity lately, because of their efficacy in teaching your dog how to behave. However, some people consider the electronic dog collar unethical, because it uses electronic shocks to calm the barking. It is up to you to choose the most proper method to educate your dog. You should know that no matter which dog collar you choose, it will not harm your dog, but merely annoy it. If you want to read more about no bark dog collars and why they are so safe for your dog’s health, click this link.



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