Getting Rid of Extreme Barking: The No Bark 18 Collar

The SBC-18 is a great tool that can be used by dog owners that want to reduce their pets’ barking in a practical, yet humane way. It is one of the most technological advanced bark training collars in the market, and includes 18 levels of correction, which react to either sound or vibrations caused by barking, and can be used on dogs with necks that fall within the 6″ to 28″ range.

The ‘Test Collar’ feature enables you to test the working of the SBC-18. When in this mode, the collar has to be put at a distance of 8 inches away from you so you can say the word “test” to the sensor. The LED should flash, indicating that the first level of static correction offered.

The collar will deliver a small static charge set at the lowest level of intensity the first time the dog barks, after that, it’ll automatically move on to the next level if it detects another barking within 30 seconds of the previous one. However, the auto-shut-off feature that comes with the no bark 18 collar shuts down the unit for 3 minutes if your dog continues to bark for more than 15 times within 50 seconds.

Keep in mind that the use of the no bark 18 collar should be restricted to those times when barking would be very inconvenient. The static corrections are induced at every bark of the dog thereby tranquilizing him by using the progressive correction levels offered. The static shock that your dog receives is mild to draw the attention of your dog and hence proves to be harmless.

Features of The SBC-18

The most popular features of the collar are the number of correction levels it provides, resistance to water and bad weather, a test mode that will save you trips to get it fixed, and a limited guarantee.

The SBC-10 comes in a cool looking, modern orange color.

Using The SBC-18

Don’t use this product if your dog is aggressive. Let your dog not wear any other collar while using an SBC-18 collar. That includes tethers or strings that might accidentally activate the collar. Also, don’t make your dog wear the collar for more than 8 hours per day. Finally, don’t make your dog wear the collar too tightly in order to avoid rashes.

The SBC-18 is a great way of eliminating unnecessary barking. It is one of the most advanced collars in the market. You can get results really fast with the no bark 18 collar.

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