How Can You Stop Your Dog’s Annoying Barking?

Many families have at least one dog in their household. Unfortunately, one cannot predict his dog’s behavior when it grows up. Loud, constant barking can drive anyone crazy, and many families consider the idea of giving the pet away.

Yet, dog barking can be useful in critical situations, where the house, or a member of the family is threatened. Dogs that are experiencing anxiety for any number of reasons will bark and whine. They also signal joy or excitement, or willingness to play. There is the bark that a dog lets out when he wants the attention of his master, and there is the bark a dog will voice when he is bored.

Indeed, this is the most frequent reason why dogs express themselves aloud. Being used to get attention all the time, they will signal their desire to be paid more attention with continuous barking. Of course, it is the fault of the person who owns the dog, rather than the animal’s.

Dogs always bark at other passing dogs, so putting the dog behind the house where he will not have to see other dogs passing is a good way to get him to stop barking. They also need to run and play, so make sure they have enough time and space to do so so that they can consume some of their abundant energy.

Make sure not to give in to your dog when it is simply barking to get your attention. You will actually keep on spoiling it, instead of educating it. You can start with light dog training, such as teaching it how to react at simple commands. However, do not use any aggressive means to make it shut up, like force or yelling.

Bark collars are common tools used by many around the world. Many people feel that these bark collars are inhuman and painful to the dog, but that is not the case. The bark collar comes in several versions, proper for any kind of dog. A bark collar may use mild electric stimulus, vibration, a sound at ultrasonic levels that only dogs can hear, as well as a citronella or lemon spray.

Each of the three versions start their mechanisms whenever the dog barks for a longer period of time. However, they do not harm the dog in any way. The collars only annoy the animal, but do it no real harm.

When you put the collar at your dog’s neck, make sure the animal is kept somewhere far from other sources of noise, such as screaming kids or other dogs on the street, so that the noise doesn’t interfere with its barking. If the dog learns to associate the discomfort with his barking, he will learn quickly not to make so much noise with his barking.

A great way to educate your dog is the use of a bark collar. When you put the collar on, keep the animal away from sources of loud noise. Read more about the use of a bark collar by clicking this link.



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