Is Labrador Training Important?

Without a doubt Labrador training is essential. Whether you have just acquired a Labrador puppy or have an adult dog, you need to start straight away. As a breed they are very playful and very energetic, so good basic obedience is a requirement to keep this energy under control. The good news is they are also known for being very intelligent and also very keen to please their owner, making them easier to train than some other breeds.

You need to be clear what you will and will not allow your puppy or dog to do, such as what rooms are they allowed in to, and which they are not. Also if you have not already done so, you need to teach them where they are allowed to potty. House training is easier if you use a crate. Crates allow just enough room to sleep and turn around, so because dogs tend not to mess where they have to sleep, they are more likely to try and hold. However bear in mind that puppies can not hold themselves for very long, and will need to relieve themselves often.

Before training begins, you need to consider the method you will use. As consistency is key you need to research the method first, as stopping and changing could confuse the dog. Many professional trainers believe that positive reinforcement is the best method. This is because animals learn easier when earning rewards, and is less likely to create problems such as fear or aggression, which negative or punishment training can trigger.

One tool that is used in positive reinforcement training is the clicker. This is a hand held device that makes a clicking sound when pressed. The click sound marks the correct action, telling the dog that is what you want him to do. You then give him a food reward to back it up. You can find out more about clicker training by doing a search on the internet.

Make training sessions part of everyday life for you and your dog. They will look forward to spending this time with you, especially if using positive reinforcement. Maybe do a training session before meal times to give him added motivation. Your Labrador whilst intelligent does not have a very long attention span. So you need to have many small training sessions instead of long ones. No session should be longer than five minutes in duration, this will keep your dog attentive.

So to conclude you need to research and decide on a method to use for your Labrador training. Once you have this then make a plan of what you will teach first, second and so on. Remember to be consistent and use one to two word commands. With a little work your relationship with your dog can only improve.

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