Labrador Puppy Training

Labrador puppy training is an essential and rewarding experience for you and your puppy. Labradors’ are very intelligent and eager to please which make them a highly trainable breed. These dogs are gifted and willing students for the owner. From puppy house training right to advanced obedience training Labradors’ are at the head of the class.

It is important to start Labrador puppy training as early as possible, although it is never too late to start the earlier the better. This kind of dog responds best to positive, non-violent and reward based methods of training. Like all dogs, it is never a good method of training to be violent. Treating the dog with praise after every properly followed command with make them learn very quickly.

When Labrador puppy training, it is essential that they be around many people and other dogs while they are young. Bringing them into more social environments will turn them into a very friendly dog to any given situation or company. The basic commands of sit, down, stay and heel will be easy to teach your puppy, they learn these commands very fast.

In your Labrador puppy training, it is also very important to train them to walk beside you and not in your path, both without pulling on the leash. One important thing you must train these dogs is to not jump on people. They get excited easily and like to jump up on people to show their affection. Using the command “down” any time they jump on someone will be a way to get them to learn quickly to not jump up.

Labrador puppy training is one of the easier breeds compared to other stubborn breeds. Take pride in your training and enjoy the bond that you will create with your dog in their training stage that will last a life time.

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