Labrador Training - “Barking”

Most Labradors, thankfully, don’t do excessive barking. However, if your Labrador does, please read on.

Let me ask you two questions?

1. What’s the quickest way to fall out with your neighbours?
2. What’s the quickest way to fall out with your partner?

The answer to both these questions is Get a barking dog.

Now like I said Labradors are not usually known for their unwanted barking but it can happen.

If your Labrador is doing excessive barking, you have to find out the reason why.

If your dog is sounding off an alarm, well that’s good and I don’t know about you, but I would if I was getting broken into I would like my little old Labrador to bark its head off.

It could be because your Lab wants attention on or maybe it’s just a greeting bark, it could be frustration, injury or illness related.

Worst of all it could be just compulsive nuisance barking

Lets understand here that You don’t want to stop your dog barking completely. If someone is intruding on my land, I want to know about it, having my Labrador barking out the front whilst

I am planting potatoes out the back is okay by me. If your Labrador has a barking problem ask yourself these questions

1. When does you Labrador Bark?
2. What does your lab bark at?
3. Does something trigger your dog off?

The post man, window cleaner,

If this is the case you can simply try and distract the dog by drawing the curtains. But in reality you have to reinforce to the dog that you are the No1 alpha leader.

And that you are in control of the territory that your dog is trying to protect. Too many time people often send out conflicting messages to their dogs.

In the past they might praise the dog for barking when someone knocks on the door only to tell it to shut up when they want to watch something on the TV two months later.

Wouldn’t you be confused I know I would.

Things to look out for:

If your dog has hardly ever barked and then suddenly starts to bark for no apparent reason it could be an health problem and you will be better off calling in the vet.

Anxiety in your dog can be controlled by giving it the correct commands.

A good example is every time your dog barks for attention you rise from your chair walk out of the room, or even quietly turn your back on the dog, doing these commands will show your dog that all his barking is a waste of time.

So keep the neighbours happy, keep your spouse happy. But above all keep your dogs barking under control and more importantly love your Labrador.

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