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If you happen to own a new Labrador puppy, don’t think that Labrador training is impossible. These dogs possess the characteristics ideal for training, the intelligence and energy. They are even considered as one of the most obedient breeds when it comes to training.

Even if they are known as intelligent dogs, they are not born nicely trained dogs nor become one on their own. In order for you to achieve success in training, you should be well-aware with the ideas on useful training techniques.

Before you take home your new Labrador puppy, you should decide first the rules and limitations. Decide in what part of the house will be your puppy’s sleeping area and his bathroom. Providing him his sleeping area will give him the feeling of security and belongingness. Setting a spot for him to use as his bathroom will also help lessen the burden of potty training. There will also be less possibility of him scattering his dirt anywhere around the house.

Chewing and nipping is always a problem among dogs. You must act quickly upon first sign of these behaviors. Saying “no” firmly usually do the trick and will save your new pair of shoes from being feasted by your Labrador.

Labradors are usually quiet but excessive barking is inevitable. Although barking is helpful in signifying danger, you still don’t want your dog to bark loudly at everyone who enters at your door or to just bark every time he wants to. To do away with excessive barking, do not encourage barking and growling especially during play. When he is barking and you want him to stop, give the command “stop” or “no”. When he stops, praise and lavish him with attention. Ignore him if he continues barking. He will eventually get the message that he is being praised when he stops barking and will understand when is the right time to bark and not to bark.

Most dogs enjoy being mentally and physically challenged. However, just like children, dogs have short attention span. They easily get bored to training sessions especially if they are doing the same trick over and over again for hours. To deal with this, make your training period short and as much as possible, vary the tricks or lessons. Make your training period enjoyable. Show your dog that you are happy spending time training him. This will motivate him to do well and be obedient in training because naturally, dogs want nothing but please their owners.

As soon as basic Labrador training is accomplished, it is best to move on to the next level such as agility and retrieving training. There are many training facilities available to teach you and your dog correct training method. These working dogs with good work ethics are naturally useful especially if well-trained so be sure to apply only the best training techniques.

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