Should You Get a Bark Shock Collar for Your Pet?

One of the most common problems that new dog owners face is teaching their pets not to bark at the wrong time. One of the most common solutions for this problem is using a bark shock collar, although the word “shock” alone is enough to scare some people.

Dog owners have to realize that dogs understand things like “punishment” or “reward” in a different way that humans do. Because dogs live in the present almost exclusively, they don’t understand that their behavior needs to be corrected unless they’re punished at the very moment they misbehave. Some new owners might feel that punishing a dog is morally wrong, without realizing that a dog’s sense of punishment and resistance is much more different from humans, If the owner is berating the dog many minutes after the ‘offence’, the dog simply gets confused because it does not associate the punishment with the offence.

So why Does a Bark Shock Collar Work?

A dog bark shock collar works by delivering a small static discharge to the dog’s neck whenever it starts barking. The shock is instantaneous and since it happens when the dog barks, the dog is much more likely to make a better connection betweeen bad behavior and punishment. Once the dog makes the link between barking and punishment, it learns to stop the former to avoid the later. In reality, the dog is not ‘hurt’ by the shock, it is confused and ‘forgets’ to bark while trying to work out what happened.

Since it’s not painful, professionals agree that a dog bark shock collars is acceptable and efficient in teaching your dog to behave.

No dog bark shock collar should be used for more than half an hour or so each day and then, only at times when barking would be a nuisance. Dogs are smart and they will learn to stop “bad” barking in order to avoid the punishment once they figure out the link between the barking and the shock. If you simply follow the collar’s instructions that come with it, you’ll teach your dog not to bark unnecessarily in no time, and your neighbors will thank you for it.

bark shock collar has a reputation of being cruel. Nevertheless, the shock is rather harmless and panlessl and it only confuses the dog a little. On the other hand, using adog bark shock collar will help you train your dog and avoid invonvenient barking.

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