The No Bark 6 Collar: Does It Work?

Sometimes, when your dog’s barking gets completely out of control, bark control collars can be a good and effective solution. Bark control collars have been effective in quieting a dog at times where barking is inconvenient. They are completely safe to wear, and do not inflict physical or emtotional damage or pain.

The SBC-6 works on the principle of getting your dog’s attention by offering him a correction at times of relentless barking. It comes with 6 levels of corrections which automatically adjust to your dog’s needed level of corrections and can be used by dogs of at least 3 and a half kilograms. For smaller dogs, we suggest you try one of our other collars.

Just slide the collar on your dog’s neck whenever you have guests, at night, or in any situation where barking would be very inconvenient. The SBC-6 works by detecting barking through a vibration detector and when it does, it releases a mild static charge that calls your dog’s attention.

Starting with the lowest intensity level out of 6, the collar will automatically move up to the next level if your dog barks for more than 30 seconds, and the collar will shut down for 3 minutes if it detects that your dog barked at least 15 times in 50 seconds. You can hear a beep and see a LED light flash for every correction offered to your dog.

Being light-weight and waterproof, the SBC-6 collar comes with a low battery indicator and a limited warranty. It comes with a plastic orange strap and can be adjusted on neck sizes that range from 6 to 28 inches. The purchase of a collar comes with an RFA-118 battery pack.

Things to Take into Account When Using the SBC-6

The no bark 6 collar should be used for less than 8-12 hours per day. It’s also critical not to attach tethers or any extra items to the collar, to avoid activating it accidentally. Don’t use the SBC-6 collar at times when the barking is acceptable. Always make sure that the collar fits comfortably. Finally, clean it regularly and make sure that your dog never uses an SBC-6 imitation.

The SBC-6 is a great tool to reduce barking at inconvenient times. It’s light and comfortable to use. Just remember, don’t use the no bark 6 collar when barking is acceptable.

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