When My Dog Barks Too Much Is It Time to Give Him Up for Adoption?

It’s normal for your dog to bark every now and then. However, when the barking has become out of hand as in just plain too much or even incessant, this is typically a strong signal that something might need to be corrected or is wrong. If this is the case, you need to step up and make a change in your dog’s life in order to change its behavior. Many dog owners love to cuddle and spoil their pets and don’t realize that while some of this is absolutely fine, lavishing constant attention does not teach the dogs what to do when they are alone, begin to feel neglected and then act out. Next time when your dog barks, before getting annoyed at his behavior, your should remember that it is not his fault for being so spoiled.

Make sure your dog is ready to handle you being away for a couple of hours or even more. Leave him enough food and water, but don’t leave more food than he is supposed to eat, as he might overeat out of boredom or stress for being left alone. It’s possible that you encouraged him to only be happy in your presence; when you leave, he will get bored and start making a lot of noise. He has soon learned that the world revolves around him and when he finds himself “abandoned” in the empty house he becomes distraught and starts barking-did you expect differently?.

You must understand that whatever you tell your dog, he won’t be able to understand, and that all he learns, he learns from your actions and attitude. When you go overboard and go on and on about how everything is going to be just fine and you will be back very soon, you are actually just making things worse. Also, when you get back home and look extremely content, he will understand that you are happy to see him.

If you own a dog that misbehaves and barks more than it should, then you should probably consider purchasing one version of bark collars - a device invented especially for these types of dogs. There are many options of bark collars for energetic dogs, and you can choose the one that suits your pet best; the bark collar that uses citronella is one of the most popular anti-bark collars and it will give great results in no time. It is a safe, harmless spray that goes off in front of the dog’s nose. They produce a citrus smell that some people actually enjoy. dogs do not and quickly make the connection and bark less. You don’t need to send your dog away when there are so many options for you to train it into behaving better.  

Many times when a dog barks is nothing more than a natural reaction. You can choose from many models of bark collars that can train your dog into barking less. Click here to find out more on the types of bark collars available.



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