Why Can’t You Use Anti-Bark Collars in Some Australian States?

Barking is what dogs do best. That’s how they communicate with people and with other dogs. They bark from many reasons. Generally speaking, a dog barking isn’t a problem. There are some dogs that bark way too much. When a dog is an excessive barker, it can start to cause problems with the neighbors or in the household. An owner who has a dog who barks too much is going to look for solutions to that problem. Some dog owners believe that anti bark collars are the best solution.

Yet you cannot buy them in some Australian states. In these states the import and selling of these devices is prohibited by law. Import companies have worked around the legislation and disassemble the collars before sending them to these Australian states or give the products other names.

They are illegal in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia, while the Northern Territory and Victoria allow them to be used, but only after speaking to a vet and trying other solutions. The bark collars actually have to be prescribed. In Western Australia, Tasmania and Queensland, bark collars are free to be purchased.

There are more types of collars; the static one uses a mild shock as method of training. The shock begins whenever the dog barks in a certain manner. Many of the bark collars have different levels. The intensity of the shock increases with the length of the bark. If he barks or makes noise again within a set time, usually 30 seconds, he gets a slightly higher shock. Such collars usually have 7 to 10 levels.

In the countries where bark collars are forbidden, they are considered inhumane. Other countries apart from Australia forbid bark collars as well. Those supporting bark collars believe they are not harmful for the dog. There is evidence that they are painful, including people using the bark collar on their own bodies. Those people wouldn’t try them again.

A shock bark collar isn’t the only alternative to teach a dog to not bark. Other types use citrus smell. They are based on the same idea. They replace the shock with citrus smell eliminated to the dog’s face. Dogs find both the spray and the scent unpleasant, which stops them from barking. This method doesn’t hurt the dog at all.

The other option is training. Many pet centers offer dog training options. However, combining the two methods gives the best results in the shortest amount of time.

The use of bark collars is strictly forbidden or restricted in some Australian states. Australians have to find a better and more humane choice to help their dogs not bark excessively.

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There are many options to teach your dog good behavior, such as dog training or use bark collars.. In some states in Australia, dog collars are forbidden by law, as they are considered cruel methods of training. If you want to read more about purchasing bark collars in Australia, click this link.



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