The Different Types of Labrador Training

When becoming a Labrador owner one must consider that there will be considerable time and effort required to train your Labrador. Labradors are very smart but also very stubborn. If you pay close attention to your Labrador he will make it clear that he wants to be the one in charge around your house. It is up to you to show him that you are the boss from the very beginning or you will have a poorly behaved Labrador.

Potty Training Your Labrador

One of the biggest problems humans have when it comes to Labrador training is potty training. Labradors have a short attention span and they also want to mark their own territory; namely your living room floor and every other surface within reach for them. Potty training will require time, attention and consistency if you ever intend to housebreak your Labrador. Putting the Labrador outside while you at work during the day is not going to be enough to teach your Labrador that leaving puddles in the kitchen floor is a no-no.

Obedience Training for Your Labrador

Labradors are very social and loving animals but they are also bound and determined to be at the top of the food chain anywhere they might be. If you watch a Labrador in a group of other animals including dogs you will see them make every effort to be at the head of the pack and be in charge. When another animal tries to push their way to the front of the pack the Labrador will quickly do all he or she can do to run the other animal off. The same applies with their humans; the Labrador will want to be in charge and will try to cajole you into giving the upper hand to them. If you allow this, you will never have control of your Labrador and will find that the Labrador is training you instead of you training your Labrador. Showing your dominance without getting angry is a must in Labrador training.

All Labrador training involves Labrador obedience training because the Labrador is so hard headed but they also like to please their owner. If the Labrador senses your pleasure in his behavior he will show his own happiness by wagging his tail or some other form of physical gesture. The only effective Labrador obedience training is the training that you will remain consistent with and enforce every single day.

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