January 5, 2009

Lab Puppies Playing With Mom and Dad Very Cute First Time Outside

White, Chocolate, Black, and Yellow Lab Puppies Playing With Their Parents. The puppies are 3-4 weeks old in the Video and out and about for the first time.

Duration : 0:3:35

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January 5, 2009

dsiss45 @ 7:20 am

Very cute, I have a …
Very cute, I have a 12 month chocolate lab puppy.

gymrat5566 @ 7:20 am

We have two white …
We have two white puppies left from our current litter… They are 8 weeks old… We have one boy and one girl, the boy has green eyes they are cute.

RedHorn53 @ 7:20 am

how many pups do ya …
how many pups do ya have?!

metallica515 @ 7:20 am

5/5 I have 1 4 …
5/5 I have 1 4 years ……Need a mate!

acurais1 @ 7:20 am

i love labs they …
i love labs they are protective very smart, loyal quick playful a handful..I have had pitbulls rocweilers and i like them but non of them have been as attemptive as my choclate lab..and to think i was about to give him up..never make a mistake like that ps watch marley and me

kevinl17188 @ 7:20 am

cute little pups
cute little pups

kevinl17188 @ 7:20 am

beautiful dogs …
beautiful dogs great choice and u helped me choose mine thank btw wat song is that?

wooster86 @ 7:20 am

Great video,thanks!
Great video,thanks!

Ryancuasay @ 7:20 am

3 colors in one …
3 colors in one litter! awesome!

lizelleilse @ 7:20 am

This is so cute and …
This is so cute and so dear!

jeffhardy564 @ 7:20 am

JaSoN MrAz-im yours
JaSoN MrAz-im yours

WolfofSilverBlack @ 7:20 am

nice way of putting …
nice way of putting it delicatly. lol

magnshag @ 7:20 am

white one is the …
white one is the dad and the mom is the chocolate one

craaazyKrissy @ 7:20 am

so cute! which one …
so cute! which one is the mom and which one is the dad?

edmondo234 @ 7:20 am

to ridiculously …
to ridiculously cute <3 haah p.s. big back yard haha

golfmaniac007 @ 7:20 am

the politically …
the politically correct term is jungle fever

SharksKid @ 7:20 am

I'm sorry but I …
I'm sorry but I couldn't help thinking "interracial"..lol.

movieguy40 @ 7:20 am

my lab is 4 weeks …
my lab is 4 weeks old , god she cute

astyou6 @ 7:20 am

miss my golden lab …
miss my golden lab when he was that size

look at my video of them he is 7 mounths

joetheazl @ 7:20 am

i love this song!!
i love this song!!

NineTailed599 @ 7:20 am


Freeloader456 @ 7:20 am

awsome, labs r my …
awsome, labs r my favorite type

caynusmyanus @ 7:20 am

we love puppies! …
we love puppies! But even more, we love this version of "I'm Yours!" Can you please post what/who and where you got it?

[...] Lab Puppies Playing With Mom and Dad Very Cute First Time Outside … [...]

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