December 22, 2008


Happy holidays at vfj67….Josh and Shelby:-)

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December 22, 2008

danielhuff25 @ 7:03 pm

happy holidays
happy holidays

ikbeninbalans01 @ 7:03 pm

22,dec '08

Love …
22,dec '08

Love your Christmas tree so zen and wish u a happy holliday Chrismas season, take good care Josh :))

Big hugs and Love from
Lugit bar

LewisBlogger @ 7:03 pm

Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!

dominfly @ 7:03 pm

happy holidays to …
happy holidays to you, my friend.

tssexychanel @ 7:03 pm

Happy holidays …
Happy holidays Shelby is too precious.

MoovieMann @ 7:03 pm

happy holidays to u …
happy holidays to u and Shelby!

vfj67 @ 7:03 pm

thank u and happy …
thank u and happy holidays to u too:-)

yowler123 @ 7:03 pm

such a cute dog! …
such a cute dog! Happy Holidays =)

marthaphillip @ 7:03 pm

Merry Xmas to you …
Merry Xmas to you and Shelby as well:-) Glad she is feeling better.

Alexo670 @ 7:03 pm

happy holidays man …
happy holidays man

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