Chocolate Labradors!

If you wanted to know more about chocolate labradors that are so special, there is nothing more special than the fact that they look as good as dark chocolate in color. This is just one of the lines that are being produced to satisfy a market. By continuing not to interbreed various labradors with each other, the color gene can be kept to its purest: chocolate. Even though the chocolate labradors could be nearly a black in color, their color is easily identifiable; just as it says: chocolate!

Traits And Characteristics

The chocolate labradors have all the same traits as the other labradors, besides being specific in color. They have the most gentlest of natures which seem to be the ideal pet to have if you have small children. These labradors which are more bred nowadays to fulfil duties for society such as in search and rescue missions and also to lead the blind, also get kept as the perfect family pet.  Thesechocolate labradors and other breeds of labradors are bred due to the fact that they are agile, sharp and very willing to learn therefore making training easier for handlers. Unfortunately they are not the best pet to have around for protection purposes or should we rather say as guard dogs, but better as an addition to the family as a member.

With every pet comes their problems; and we get to know these only after we have gotten so attached to the dog laying at our feet and wagging their tails when we are in their company, petting them or just rubbing them, or giving them some sort of attention, as they strive to satisfy our needs. These chocolate labradors, due to their color could make you want them even more, and even though some people may be allergic to pets they still keep them for the love of them. The antihistamines are a small price to pay for the love from a pet, especially a dog who loves its owner unconditionally.

Combining Genes For The Ultimate Dog

Now if you wished to own the ultimate of dogs for your family addition, you could purchase thechocolate labrador retriever. With a combination of the chocolate labrador and the retriever, you couldn’t ask for a more willing to please and affectionate dog to own. This combination of traits is like trying to achieve a cut above the rest, but the problem still lies in that this breed of dog is not ideal for protection of the home and family. Yes they may bark if there is an intruder, but it will not go into attack mode, as it seems it has the instinct to preserve human life and not to damage it or destroy it. There is no dog law that says you cannot train the chocolate labrador to be a guard dog, but since they are always willing to please it could be harder than you think. These are the types of dogs meant to join in families as a family member, not quite the ones that need to be kept separate and handled and trained separately to do a specific duty. They are the softest by nature and will therefore resist going into attack mode unless, like any other creature, it’s threatened. It will try its best first to get away, before attacking automatically.

Dogs By Nature

Dogs by nature are aggressive, and a lot of dog owners get larger dogs to protect their territory for them. Since not all dogs can defend their owners, more aggressive breeds of dogs have to be purchased and raised and taught to be territorial to protect and to serve.  Unfortunately with a mixture of breeds in one, the chance of the stronger genes will be seen when situations arise. Sometimes even the meekest of pets turn on their owners or other members of the family for some odd reason, but this is mainly if the dog has been kept in isolation from other people the majority of the time. When there is no interaction with the rest of the family members for them to form a bond, they can sometimes be a threat to the owner’s territory.

However, if you wish for your pet to protect all in the home, it is important for them to get to know the hierarchy of the family members, and they need to be part of the initial training too so that the dog knows that they need to obey all who have trained him.

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