How to Choose the Right Labrador Puppy: Be Prepared For a Lifelong Commitment

Once the decision has been made to purchase a Labrador puppy, you should be prepared to take on some important responsibilities as well as expect years of happiness by developing a special bond between the Labrador and yourself. The first thing to consider when choosing a Labrador puppy is to be certain that the Labrador is the breed that you want and that you are prepared to devote enough time to it for training, grooming as well as exercising it. You should also have the resources, both financial as well as otherwise to take good care of your Labrador puppy.

Do Your Homework

You should know how to choose the right Labrador puppy by doing some homework in this regard so that you are certain that it is the right dog breed for you and the family. Selecting a purebred has the advantage that it will be predictable in size, coat as well as care requirements as also in its temperament. Also, one should know how the companion puppy will look like before purchasing it and what kind of care to give to it as these factors play an important part in the selection of a particular breed.

Many times one may dispense with common sense when trying to choose the right Labrador puppy but one should exercise as much care and be as cautious as when one buys anything else of value. This is because the more well informed you are about Labradors, the better are your chances of getting a good buy. It would mean knowing how to select the seller and one should definitely spend a lot of time researching every aspect of the Labrador since it is a purchase of a lifetime that also requires a lot of care and devotion.

Being honest with oneself is very important since the decision should be based on lifetime care rather than on a passing whim or fancy and in this regard, one should also be sure that the house or apartment is large enough for the Labrador and in case of sporting Labradors, make sure that it will be given enough exercise and there should also be a fenced yard so that it can go out and still be safe and comfortable.

When one buys a dog one is taking on a big responsibility and before the choosing the right Labrador puppy, talk to breeders and make detailed enquiries and get satisfactory answers from them and especially be clear about its temperament and behavior. Also, one should not try and bargain the price because it should be considered to be a wise investment for a lifetime rather than a temporary acquisition. One should also be able to afford the financial burden and have enough to spend on its food as well as health care. There should also be money to spend on accessories and make sure that all these items fall within one’s budget.

Caring for the dog should also figure in the purchase decision and it must be cared for on a daily basis and requires adequate diet, exercise as well as grooming and veterinary attention. One should also consider one’s responsibilities regarding neighbors and ensure that the Labrador puppy does not create a nuisance of it and be properly trained. Obedience training should figure high on the list of dos. Once you know this is the breed you want, you can learn how to choose the right male or female Labrador puppy.

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