Dog Bunk Beds, Are They a Good Idea for Your Labrador?

In your search for the perfect dog bed, you might have run across the idea of dog bunk beds. These are beds that are made for dogs, but have more of a human aspect in them in that humans think it would be cute to see dogs sleeping in dog bunk beds. What might be cute to use isn’t necessarily the best option for Fido, although he might indeed enjoy it.

Most of the time, we model things for our pets after things that we have and that we enjoy. You might see dog beds that look like people beds in that they have canopies and other things, and this is where dog bunk beds come into play. Basically, they are two different dog beds, one above the other, with a dog sized ladder that the dog can use to get to the top bunk.

Safety Issues

Most of the time, you’ll see that dog bunk beds are mostly a novelty. The reason is that you can’t force a dog to sleep somewhere he is not comfortable, and therefore the dog bunk beds might just be something that he isn’t interested in. You might not be able to find him climbing up to the top bunk, and it might not be safe for him, either.

If you truly want your pet to use the dog bunk bed you are going to have to be sure that you are training him to use it. This means that you’ll have to give him plenty of instruction as to how to use the bed and you’ll have to put in him the bed several times until he gets the hang of it. Be sure that you remember that these dog bunk beds can be dangerous if the dog isn’t used to it or if the dog gets scared.

One of the most important things to consider when you are talking about dog bunk beds is to make sure that the dog bed best fits the needs of the dog. This means that it has to be tailored to the size that your dog is and that you have to be sure you are creating a good situation in which the dog is able to crawl in and out of the bed and is comfortable. It isn’t going to be good for the dog if it does not feel safe.



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