Innotek’s FS-15: Your Best Friend When Training Your Best Friend

A continuously wagging tail is far more welcome than an incessantly barking dog. Barking can cause annoyance and even legal troubles, if it’s so loud and constant that the neighbors complain about it. What is a dog owner to do? Some people take their dogs to the veterinarian, only to be told that barking is a natural thing for dogs. Another option that is possible is to use dog training devices.

Reviewing dog training devices was no easy task, given that there are as many brands and models of dog trainers on offer, as there are dog breeds. In addition, some collars are almost the same as others, but they offer a small feature that might make a world of difference in certain circumstances. However, on a closer look, one dog trainer did catch the eye. The collar in question is FS-15.

Are the People Who Bought the FS-15 Satisfied?

Yes, and one might even add that the dogs are quite happy too. Satisfaction surveys have shown that the FS-15 is very effective in training, and it has worked on both small dogs and big dogs. Moreover, first-time users were particularly satisfied, as they found it extremely simple and easy to operate.

Aside from the quick and effective results, owners and trainers have mentioned the following benefits of the Innotek’s FS-15: small remote controller, relatively big range of the signal, and resistance to bad weather and bad treatment from the dog.

Is The FS-15 Benefit And Feature-rich?

The short answer is yes. The FS-15 comes with a number of features that make it very practical to use. This also explains why the collar is so popular with people who have never trained dogs before.

Some of the main features and benefits that merit highlight include:

Operation requires only one button

Water resistant collar with 6-volt (replaceable) battery

Operates up to 150 yards

Sevel levels of correction

Three tone options

Water-resistant receiver collar and transmitter

Collar status-indicating LED light. And many other.

In the final analysis, the FS 15 dog trainer is indeed a smart and highly reliable device for anyone wishing to behavior-train their dog/s. To top it off, there is a FREE help hotline provided by Innotek for those who need further help.

While there are many training collars in the market, the FS-15 is one of the best ones. That’s because the Innotek’s FS-15 is extremely effective and easy to use. It also has the support of a help hotline.

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